Jerry Spends the Night

So, even though I was my awkward, goofy, chubby self with him, Jerry wanted to see me again.  He actually texted me the next day!  And we talked, about inconsequential things.  Not just about how much I liked his dick in my mouth. 

After our first encounter, I wasn’t expecting him to be interested in another.  I know what I am, what I look like, and all that.  I’m not a fucking model, nor am I a seductress of epic proportions, but he kept talking to me.  OK.  Good, nice guy points earned.  The interest seems genuine, even if he told me he wasn’t looking for anything “serious”.  (which, truth be told, I’m not either.  Fun is fun, right?   After Salvatore, I’m not looking to be controlled or hindered in my everyday friendships!)  I may have to spill the beans about Salvatore in another post, but for now, just know…I like a man to tell me what to do when his dick is inside me, but other than that…fuck no. 


We talked, and I divulged to him my fantasy about being restrained.  And the little nugget that I actually had restraints that had never been used.  We’d talked about some of the toys I had, and damn…I wanted him to use them on me.  Especially after he told me he was going to tie me up, and make me beg him to fuck me.  He wanted to use ALL my toys on me. 

So, we made plans for him to come over.  I was nervous, but nearly as much as the first time he came over.  I knew what to expect, and I was looking forward to having this fantasy become a reality. 

He didn’t make it over until around 11pm, I think, and before you judge…I had arranged my son to spend the night with a friend, so Jerry could spend the night as well. 

I had on a cute pink dress, with matching red bra and panties on underneath, and he had on jeans and a t-shirt.  Man, can he wear the hell out of a pair of jeans.  I had all my toys laid out on the bed, along with the restraints when he arrived.  But we didn’t get down to business right away.  We laid on my bed and talked for a bit first. 

“I’m really glad you came over tonight.” 

“I am too”, he said. 

And I grabbed the font of his shirt and pulled him to me and kissed him.  His lips are pouty and full, just begging to be kissed and sucked on.  We started kind of slow, and he got me out of my dress rather quickly.  I took off my bra and panties, and he got up off the bed and grabbed the restraints.  He started with my wrists, fastening the straps around my wrists, snugly.  My ankles were next, and those were actually a little tight.  I relaxed as soon as he was done.  He moved to my left, and secured my wrist to the headboard.  Holy shit.  I liked this.  And he wasn’t even done yet.  He moved around the other side of the bed, and secured my right wrist.  Oh, my.  He moved to the foot of the bed, and tried to secure my left foot, but I needed to scoot down further on the bed.  We both giggled at that actually.  Have YOU ever tried to scoot down on the bed when your arms are spread eagle and you’re so fucking nervous it’s hard to breathe?  Me either.  This was a first. 

I scooted down, and he got my legs secured.  I must say, it felt incredible.  Here I am, spread eagle on my bed, with a man I hardly know looking at me like he wants to devour me.  Fuck. Me.  Have I mentioned he’s got these gorgeous brown eyes, the color is dark and light at the same time, like he can see right into my depraved little mind? 

He climbed up on the bed, and kissed me, and it was so hard not being able to touch him!  He sucked my bottom lip into his mouth, and moaned, just a little bit.  His hand moving to my nipple, and pinching it.  He moved his mouth down my throat, kissing along the way, until he reached my other nipple, biting while pinching the other one until I was moaning and trying to arch further up off the bed.  He pulled the nipple clamps off the bed where they were waiting for him to use on me.  Now, I’ve put the clamps on myself, just to feel what they are like, but never had anyone put them on me before.  It’s an entirely different experience.  He was just as nervous as I was, it seems…his hands were steady, but I could tell he was nervous, just the same. 

The clamps were on, and god, it felt good.  He maneuvered so I could take him into my mouth, and Jesus, did it feel good taking him in my mouth.  One hand in my hair, and one hand on my pussy, rubbing my clit roughly.  I could’ve cum right then, but not yet.  He fucked my mouth briefly, making me want more, and pulled away from me.  Moving down to the end of the bed, he positioned himself so he was between my legs, “mmmm, mmm, mmm”, he said as he lowered himself down to taste me. 

Good lord, that man can do things with his mouth that should be illegal.  Holy fuck.   I forgot that I was supposed to be self-conscious of my belly, and my stretch marks, my scars, myself.  I forgot that I was tied to the bed, and I just reveled in this gorgeous man between my legs.  He was relentless.  He licked and sucked and bit, and just fucking enjoyed what was laid out before him.  I know he wanted me to cum for him, and I obliged.  There is nothing hotter than cumming for someone that appreciates your orgasm.  FUCK!  

There’s a toy…I can feel it.  Pressing against my ass.  Oh fuck…NONONO!  Is what my brain is screaming to me, but my body is relaxing.  It’s cold, and unforgiving, I’m not sure which one it is, but he did tell me he was going to use ALL my toys on me while he had me tied up and at his mercy. 

He sucked my clit into his mouth again, and I called out his name, screamed it really…”JERRY!  Please, please…please” And I could feel him smiling, even though I was squeezing my eyes tight, my arms pulling at the straps, my legs bouncing on the bed, trying to pull against the straps.  I’m panting, and begging, and it feels so fucking good.  I can hardly stand it. 

“Jerry, please…please fuck me.”  He pulled on the clamps and I screamed, wordlessly trying to convey the need I felt to have his cock inside me. 

Finally he obliged, the toy still my ass, and he had another in his hands.  He switched it on, and laid it against my clit, where this mouth had just been.  I could feel his cock at my entrance, but he wouldn’t enter me just yet.  Jesus, my legs are shaking, and he’s pulling on the clamps again, and the vibrator is on high, and I’m fucking cumming again.  He’s moving the toy in my ass, and the vibrator moves from my clit to my entrance, and he’s fucking me with it. 

The sensation is overwhelming, and I’m moaning, and bucking my hips, trying to bend my knees to lessen the onslaught of sensation.  But, I can’t.  I’m helplessly spread eagle on my bed, can’t move enough to stop anything.  And Jerry is enjoying every second of my helplessness.  Thank God he’s not making me count my orgasms, I recall thinking to myself as I slowly started coming down from the feelings. 

Not that I am able to relax at all, mind you, because as soon as he removed the toy from my pussy, he put his cock inside me.  I know toys are awesome, but nothing feels nearly as good as a hot, hard cock inside my wet pussy.  He’s slow, and it feels so good, I know he’s talking but I can’t concentrate on what he’s saying. 

He moves away from me, and him pulling his cock out leaves me breathless.  I want more.  I’m not disappointed for long. 

He gets off the bed, releasing the straps from the end of the bed, but leaving the cuffs around my ankles.  He did not, however, remove the straps from around the head board. 

“Scoot up.  You know what’s next.”  Jerry says, after a few minutes of letting me catch my breath. 

Oh. Fuck. 

I scootch up the bed, my wrists still tied to the headboard, but my jelly like legs free to help me scoot up.  The unforgiving toy that has been in my ass this whole time, slides out, and I realize it’s the glass chili pepper.  Oops!  It doesn’t faze him in the least.  

He takes my left leg, and ties the strap in the same location as the one attached to my wrist.  My right leg comes next, and now I’m truly bound and totally open to whatever he wishes to do with me.  There’s absolutely no escape.  Fuck.  I like this.  A whole lot more than I ever thought I would.  I mean, you think about things, and imagine how they will feel, but doing them is immeasurably different. 

He starts with another toy.  The steel plug I think, in my ass.  I relax into it, and he shoves his cock back into my pussy.  The immobility is at the same time distracting, but not.  It’s incredibly difficult to explain.  It’s distracting, but adding to everything all at the same time.  I feel the bite of the restrains, and I feel my legs stretching into positions they NEVER go into on their own, but because I am absolutely NOT in control, I’m that much more able to just…let go and feel.  And the feelings are incredibly intense.  My eyes are wide open, and I’m panting, there’s a sheen of sweat on my body.  (I’ve read that statement in countless stories and books, but never understood what it meant.  I am sweating without being able to fucking move)    The clamps are still in place, but I can’t really feel them anymore.   I’m totally, absolutely, 100% at Jerry’s mercy. 

I can’t see.  My glasses are fogged up, and dirty.  He removes them from my face when I tell him, and cleans them. 

What the actual fuck?   He doesn’t need to be this nice.  Fuck.  I’m screwed.  

“Jerry….Jerry, please!” 

“What’s that?”

“Jerry, please I need you to fuck me again, Please!”

“Oh, not quite yet.”  And he pulls out another toy.  The plug is still in my ass, and he presses a big black vibrator right on my clit. 

“Oh!  FUUUUCCCKKK!”  Jesus Christ this feels good.  So fucking good, I’m going to cum again. 

“Jerry, I’m cumming again,  oh fuck, I’m cumming!!!!!” 

And he doesn’t let up with the vibrator.  He keeps it right on my clit as I try my damnedest to wriggle away.  He just holds it there.  I am cumming so hard it almost hurts.  There are tears in my eyes. 

I feel another toy pressing against my soaking went cunt, and he shoves it fully inside me.  No vibrating that I can feel.  I do feel him remove the plug from my ass, and replace it with his cock.  He pulls the dildo out of my pussy, and starts fucking my ass.  The vibrator is still on my clit, fuck…this is incredible.  So intense. 

“Jerry…I’m gonna fucking cum again!  Jerry, oh my god…Jerry!” 

He keeps the vibrator on my clit, his cock in my ass, and starts fucking me with the dildo again. 

“how does that feel?  Do you like that?  Hmmm?  Feeling full?”

“yes, ohmygodyesitfeelssofuckinggood.”  I scream, wordlessly. 

He leans into me, everything pressing on me harder, and feeling tighter, one hand comes up and pulls on the clamps, I’m screaming. 

Just screaming with pleasure. 

I can’t take it anymore. 

“Stop, please Jerry…Please stop.” I pant harshly. 

He almost doesn’t.  but I feel the vibrator removed from my clit, and he gently removes the clamps from my nipples.  Leaning over again to suck them so they don’t hurt as much. 

He removes the dildo from my pussy, and finally his cock from my ass. 

“I almost didn’t stop you know.” 

“I know.  I just, couldn’t take it anymore.  It was too much!”

“I know.  I liked having you at my mercy, Honey.”

Mind you, I’m still tied up at this point.  He gently cleans me up a little, moves all the toys out of the way, and releases the Velcro strap around my left, then right sides.  I can’t move.  I am like a big bowl of jello.  But he’s not done with me yet.  I take a drink of water, that I put next to the bed. 

“Thirsty?  You’re sweating”, he says. 

“Yeah, that was a lot.” 

“I know.” 

We rest for a few minutes.  Not very long, it’s got to be close to 1 or 2 in the morning.  I have no idea. 

“Alright.  Up on all fours.  I’m still not done with you yet.” He gets off the bed, and stands next to it.  Mmmm, damn!

I get up on all fours, getting ready  to suck his cock again, he pulls my hair back in his hand, and shoves his cock in my mouth, gagging me with it.  That feels so good.  I gag harder, and he abruptly pulls away. 

“Don’t move.  Stay just like that.”  So of course, I do. 

I feel him get up behind me on the bed, and feel his cock at my asshole again.  Oh….I’m gonna be sore tomorrow!
I feel him press into me, and I involuntarily sink my head lower onto the bed, turning my face to the side.
  My arms reaching out in front of me.  Gripping the blanket tight. 

“Oh…that’s nice.”  He says, pushing the hair off my face.  He puts a vibrator in my hand, leans into me and says “Fuck your pussy while I fuck your ass, and I want you to cum for me again.” 

Holy fuck. 

I do as I’m told.  I’m fucking myself with a big, fat vibrator, and he is fucking my asshole like he’s going to cum…jesus this feels amazing. 

“Jerry…I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum again!!!!!”  And I turn my face into the bed, screaming, and cumming around the vibrator in my pussy and his cock in my ass. 

Jerry goes still, and I am clamped down hard around his cock, I pull the vibrator from my pussy, and I feel him cum in my tight asshole.  Grunting his release.  He smacks both sides of my ass at the same time, and very slowly pulls out of me.  I can’t move.  I feel the towel come up between my legs, and he gently cleans me up. 

I can move, and do.  Finally.  Getting some water, I get up off the bed, and ask Jerry if he would like some.  So I get him some.  I come back into the bedroom, and he’s gathered up all the toys, so I take them to the kitchen to clean.  I’m still naked, by the way. 

I put on a t-shirt, and he pulls on his boxers, and we lay down in bed.  I’m sore all over, but I feel amazing.  Eventually, I hear him begin snoring, and I drift off not soon after. 

It was an amazing evening, one I hope to repeat at some point, but we’ll have to see.  I could use some snuggles, but beggars can’t be choosers, so I’m content and drift off to sleep as well.


So, I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated everyone on the happenings in my crazy newly single sex life. Boy…let me just say it’s been an interesting few months. 

Michael?  Didn’t pan out so well.

  Then there was Eric, I got a whipping from him that I won’t soon forget. 

Salvatore was fun, until he got all clingy and possessive. 

Ed was sexy and liked to spank me, which was nice.  But, he’s not real good at the whole, communication thing. 


Then I met Jerry.  I met him, and I’m not kidding…on a hook up app.  NO, it wasn’t Tinder.  It was MeetMe. 

I had a couple drinks one night, and was bored, so I downloaded the app and logged in.  I immediately got what I thought was a message from some other dude, but it was a public question asking for my kik user id.  Well, dummy that I am, I answered it.  Jerry had messaged me privately just a few minutes before this, and I hadn’t had a chance to respond.  (I was trying to figure out the app, I never said I was all THAT tech savvy!) 

He messaged me on kik, and I was confused, I thought he was the guy that asked for my user id, but it wasn’t him.  Then he tells me I made that info public, and I went back to the other app and deleted my post.  Oops! 

We got to chatting and he seemed really nice, definitely funny, and mmm, he was CUTE!  Beard, tattoos AND piercings.  We ended up chatting for a while that night, and I figured that would be the end of it.  But, he texted me the next day, and we talked more.  And the next day, and the next…

Well, as things go, we started texting kinky, because who am I kidding.  I’m horny as fuck all the time, and I get off on dirty texts.  I finally asked him if he were interested in coming over to fuck, and fortunately for me, he said yes! 

We settled on a time, and place.  My place, in the evening when my son wasn’t going to be home.  And, true to kinky fashion, I asked him how he wanted me to greet him at the door.  And, it turns out, he wanted me naked and blindfolded. 

OK.  Scary!  But, as the time crept nearer and nearer to us meeting up, and I got more comfortable talking with him, I slowly realized I was going to do it. 

I do not regret a single thing about meeting him at my door totally naked wearing only a leopard print scarf as a blindfold. 

He showed up right on time, and knocked on my door. 

I cheated a little and had the blindfold up on my forehead so I could see to open the door.  God, I was so freaking nervous, my heart was pounding as I opened the door and said “hello”.  I quickly pulled the blindfold down and apologized for not having it in place. 

I was so nervous, I can’t remember if he kissed me first, or just took my hands to start leading me to the living room.  Very carefully, making sure not to let me bump into anything on the way. My place is rather small, and cramped.  The blinds were open, and anyone could have seen what we were doing in the living room.  I remember he kissed my lips, and then moved to my neck.  (sent shivers down my spine, actually, it felt so nice.)  He was gentle, and insistent at the same time. 

His mouth made it’s way down my body to my breast, and he sucked my nipple into his mouth, I could feel his uneven breath as he moved his hands down my body to my pussy. 

Holy fuck.  That felt good.  I had the blind fold on, and his hand was playing with my pussy, rubbing my clit, hard and fast fingering my soaking wet pussy until I actually came on his fingers.  It was so fast, I couldn’t believe it!  It felt good, not knowing what was going to happen next.  I felt his hands move away, and could hear him removing his clothes.  He took my hands and guided me to my knees, as he sat on the couch. 

I was eager to get my mouth on his cock, so I knelt between his legs, and tried to used my hands to guide him into my mouth, but he told me, “no hands”.  Hmmm, interesting.  I love sucking cock, and using my hands is a way to add to the pleasure, in my opinion.  But, I like being told what to do, so I placed my hands on either side of his hips and took him into my mouth. 

The only thing better than feeling a big hard cock in my mouth, is feeling it in my pussy.  And I will say, he tasted divine.  Hot, hard and ready for my eager mouth, he grabbed the back of my head and pushed me down on his cock, gagging me.  Fuck…it felt good.  I took him as deep as I could, and he wanted more.  So he pushed me further down on his cock, and I could feel how much he was enjoying my mouth.  God, I love sucking cock.  Knowing he’s enjoying this, I try harder.  I want to taste his cum.  I NEED to taste his cum.  Feeling his hands in my hair, using my mouth for his pleasure, feeling him twitch his hips, or the flex of his thighs thrills me. 

I feel it as he’s about to cum.  His cock pulsed in my mouth, Jesus, he fucking tasted amazing.  Almost sweet…  I swallowed every drop, and he told me I could remove the blind fold.  I didn’t stop licking his cock though.  I was eager to get him inside my pussy, so I stayed on my knees, licking and occasionally taking him down my throat.  Mmmm, so fucking good. 

He had me stand, and I thought he was going to have me kneel on the couch so he could fuck me from behind, but he had me fuck him while he sat there.  My back to him, giving him what I’m sure was a lovely view of his cock sliding into my pussy as I bent at the waist to take him. 

God, I love being told what to do. 

I came for him like that.  Riding his cock, enjoying how good it felt to feel his hands on my hips, giving me a rhythm to keep to.  He stopped me, and had me kneel on the couch then.  Taking me from behind.  Fucking me hard, and fast…making me cum again for him.  I loved every second of it…it felt so good to be fucked like that. 

He came inside me, and I’m not gonna lie, I liked it.  Knowing I’m giving as much as I got, makes me enjoy it that much more.  Knowing he enjoyed me enough to cum…damn, that’s a good feeling. 

We got dressed, and chatted a bit.  I got a drink, and we sort of made our way to my bedroom, through the kitchen.  It was nice, chatting with him.  We still had a little time before I had to go get my son.  And we ended up on my bed.  I had put on yoga pants and a tshirt.  No bra.  No panties. 

Somehow, his hands started playing with my nipples, and I was ready for him again.  He shoved his hands down my pants and started rubbing my clit.  Holy fuck, he wanted more.  He wanted me to cum for him again.  I was bucking my hips, my feet on the mattress giving me leverage.  And he was nowhere near ready to stop.  He wanted more.  So I gave it to him.  He pulled my pants down, dragged me to the edge of the bed, unbuckled his belt (smacking me with the end of it on my inner thigh), took his pants to his knees and shoved his hard cock inside me, and proceeded to fuck me with a ferocity that left me breathless. 

I felt wanton, and free. Damn…

He came in me, and damn I liked it.  I love knowing that my pleasure pleased him. 

Meeting Michael

Having been single for almost a year now, I was starting to get a little anxious, and really lonely…

I was back on Whisper, a secret sharing app, just scrolling one day, and ran across a random post that seemed innocent enough.  “Bored at work, Women 35+ let’s chat”  So, I clicked on the chat icon, and started talking.

At first it was pretty basic, stuff.  What type of work we both did, are you married, kids, yadda, yadda, yadda.  His name is Michael, and he’s a web developer not that far from me.


Of course, we got around to talking about since we were both single, what we liked to do for fun.  He plays guitar, I like to read.  We have similar tastes in music, and wildly different taste in movies and food.  But, overall I thought we were getting along pretty well, so I asked to exchange numbers, so we could text regularly, rather than the cumbersome way you can text through the app.  He agreed, and we began texting for real.

Well, of course, being me, and how fucking horny I am ALL THE TIME…we gravitated towards some pretty racy subjects.  We quickly realized that we shared a kink…well, several actually. (holy crap…he’s into spanking and bondage, exhibitionism, and D/s…is it possible I’ve hit the sexual jackpot and could possibly have found someone to get kinky with on the reg?)

He very quickly took control of the chat, upon finding out that I was wearing a dress that day, he told me to spread my legs wide under my desk, and pull my panites to the side to expose my wet pussy to the cool office air.

“I’m so wet, Michael.”

“Good girl.  quickly now, touch yourself and taste it.  Tell me how you taste, Honey.”

Fuck. Me.  That was hot. All this while at my desk, and I complied like a good girl should.

He told me how much he wanted to be between my legs, rubbing my pussy, and eventually sucking on my clit while he fingered me until I came all over his hand.  He was quite descriptive in what he wanted of me.  And all of it was geared towards making me cum.

It was a pleasant distraction at work that day, but I was feeling REALLY naughty, so I offered to up the stakes a bit.

“Should I remove my panties for the walk through the shop to my car?”

“You shouldn’t have to ask…Yes, Honey, remove your panties and be sure and make eye contact with at least one man walking through the shop.  Let them see in your eyes what a naughty little slut you are.”

“Yes Michael, and it won’t be hard to engage with at least one man, odds are it’ll be closer to a dozen, Second shift is in now, and I was on second for almost 2 years.  Still good friends with a lot of the guys.”

“mmm, good.  Let me know when you’re in your car.  I want you to do something for me on the drive home.”

I made it through the plant, making eye contact with at least 10 men, and had a chat with one of them who was driving a forklift.

“Whew.  I’m at the car.  Ready for the drive home.  God, I’m so fucking wet Michael!”

“Good girl.  Pull your dress up high on your thighs and show me.”

Gulp…oh boy.  Driving down the highway with my bare pussy exposed, there’s a TON of trucks on the road this time of the day.  But, I was so turned on I did as he asked.  I was praised for following directions, which, damn…It’s been WAY too long since I’ve followed directions.  I miss it terribly.

I was rewarded with a picture of his very hard cock, and I swear my mouth started to water at the sight of it.

He is very playful, and I enjoy talking with him.  He had plans that night with a friend, but we texted off and on throughout the evening.

“Honey, I have a request to make.”

“What is it Michael?”

“Don’t wear panties to work tomorrow, and I want a picture of your outfit before you leave the house”.

Holy shit.  I’d NEVER not worn panties to work ALL DAY.  I mean, I’d been a little naughty, and taken them off before going to lunch, but always put them back on when I returned.  This was new ground for me.  But, holy shit, the thought was making me really hot.

“I’ve never done that before…I’m going to have to make sure I wear a dark skirt tomorrow so nobody can tell I’m not wearing panties.  Especially since I’m sure I’ll be wet and creamy all day long.”

“Yes Honey, you will be wet all day long, because I’m going to tease you all day, you naughty little thing!”

“Yes Michael, I’ll skip the panties tomorrow, and it sure will make for an interesting day!”

Dang, here it was the first day we start talking and already he’s pushing my boundaries.  I know it’s something I needed, but I forgot how MUCH I missed being pushed.  Since John and I split up, it’s been just me.  A few sexual encounters with a friend, but no steady outlet to really keep me on a slow burn like this.  I really hope this ends up working out, because I think it’s high time I got to have a little fun.

I’m nervous about not wearing panties to work tomorrow, but FAR too excited to chicken out and wear them.  Maybe I can take this from online to in person?  Wouldn’t that be awesome…someone to be kinky with…I could handle that!

Lunch with Ray

I met this man recently, let’s call him Ray.  He’s a bit older than I am, which just means he has that much more experience than I do!

We met online, via one of those silly dating apps, and I don’t know…the way he spoke to me stirred something in me.  I decided to meet up for lunch, rather than dinner with him, thinking that was a better route to go.

We met at a little sandwich shop over by my office, and I could feel the connection to this man.  He was very tall.  More than a foot taller than my 5’3”, and built powerfully large.  Very handsome,  and slightly intimidating.  We hit it off well.  Easy conversation, but the chemistry there was undeniable.  I couldn’t help but picture myself kneeling at his feet.

After lunch was over, he invited me to talk more privately in his car.  I accepted, we were in public; he couldn’t do anything to hurt me there.  And I do mean public. His truck is face into a parking spot that faces the main road.

I’ve of course got a very pretty, flowy dress on.  And of course, like usual, underneath, I have matching bra and panties, and a black garter belt holding up my stockings.  (I rarely wear pantyhose…stockings are just SO much sexier.)  He drives a pretty big truck, and there’s lots of room in the front seat.  He asks me to scoot closer to him, and he puts his hand under the hem of my dress, on my knee.  He slowly moves his hand up the inside of my thigh, with a light touch, and when he reaches the top of my stocking, he gasps.

“Oh you bad girl…you didn’t tell me you were wearing stockings.  I have a weakness for them, you see.  Pull up your dress so I can see, please.”

I took a deep breath and did as he asked.

“Lovely.  Now, I’d like to you keep pulling that dress up, so I can see if your bra matches those pretty leopard print panties you have on.”

In for a penny, in for a pound…I comply.  My breath hitching as I pull my dress high enough that my stomach is exposed, and I look away, feeling ashamed of my chubbiness.  But, I keep pulling the dress up.

“Good girl.  Look at me.”

I turn back to him, and he’s smiling.

“Why did you look away?  I didn’t tell you to avert your eyes.”

I take a deep breath, trying to compose myself, because I know this is stupid.  “I am ashamed of how I look under my clothes.  I’m too fat to be sexy.”

“Nonsense.  I can’t keep my hands off your body baby.”

I relax a little more, and feel his hands on my breasts, pulling them from the matching leopard print bra.  His lips replace his fingers, and my heart pounds as I feel him bite down.  I think I must have moaned, because the next thing I know, his hand is in my panties, playing with my pussy.

Holy fuck that feels good.

“So wet for me already; I like that.”

I can’t believe how good this feels.  I should be stopping him.  But, I can’t.  I feel 2 fingers slip inside me, and his thumb circles my clit, he’s got very talented fingers.  My legs are kicking, and his mouth is back on one of my nipples teasing me roughly.

“That’s it.  Enjoy it.  When are you going to cum for me?  Hmmm…I can tell you’re almost ready.  Do you think you could cum for me right now?”

“Yes…fuck…oh god YES!”

And that was the first time I came for him.  Wow.  Just…wow.

Twice more and I was ready to cry.  I could hardly contain the need I had to fuck this man.  But…I didn’t.  He wanted me to suck his cock.  So, I did.

I admit, I struggled with this task.  He was larger than any other I had attempted before.  But, the way his hands felt in my hair was amazing.  He was demanding with my mouth, but not rough.  I heard him talking softly to me the whole time, but never heard what he was saying.  I was too focused on the task at hand.  I wanted to taste his cum.  I NEEDED to taste it.

I felt the muscles in his thighs contract, and I knew it was coming soon, I didn’t hesitate when he shot his load in my mouth.  I stilled my motions and enjoyed his taste.  I swallowed, of course, eyes closed and feeling proud that I had made this virtual stranger cum in my mouth.

“Good Girl.  I’m very impressed that you were able to make me cum like that.  I can tell that we are going to have a lot of fun together.  Next time however, I’ll need to find a way to keep you still.  All that squirming around was a little distracting.”

“I’m sorry.  I couldn’t help it.  It felt so good, I just…”

“Don’t apologize for enjoying yourself with me.  Ever.  I really just want to see you restrained and at my mercy for a little while.”

My stomach drops at the thought.  Damn.  It’s like he can see inside my mind.

“What’s the matter?  I know you’re not opposed to that idea.  I can see it on your face.  You dirty little slut…you want me to tie you up and have my way with you, don’t you?”

My mouth is dry, and I feel my nipples harden at the mere thought of it.

“Yes, I very much would like that…Sir.”

We chat a little bit after this, trying to feel out another time that we could meet up and spend a little more time together.  It’s going to be difficult to arrange.  Both of our schedules are very hectic, but eventually we will work something out.

I leave in my car, and he in his.  And, I’m practically giddy at the thought of meeting up with him again.  It’s exciting, and new, and I’m looking forward to trying all kinds of new things with him.

A bit of an Update

I’ve been gone for a while, and there’s a story behind it. John and I have seperated, and I’ve been struggling a little bit.
New single mom, and all…anyway. I’ve stayed a little busy, and I’ve got a treat coming in a little bit…

John Gets a Little Rough with Honey

So, this past Tuesday, we find ourselves heading to bed relatively early.  At about 10:30 pm, nightgown on, crawl under covers, and lay back looking for sleep.  John’s hand pulls my legs open, and starts rubbing my pussy, and says, “You have on too many layers.”  But he just keeps gently rubbing me through my blue satin panties, just enough pressure to make me want to start rocking my hips in time to his movements.  But, I keep still.  He keeps up this delicious rubbing, until he feels me getting the panties wet.  Then, he stops, moves his hand to the waistband of my panties, and starts sliding them down.

Once removed, he does not go back to touching me, but instead tells me, “Flip around.”

Confused, I start to roll on my side, to offer him access from behind me, and he swats my ass playfully, and tells me, “No!  Your mouth needs to be on my cock, and I’m going to play with your pussy.”

Um, ok.  John doesn’t usually tell me what to do this specifically, but I’m totally digging it, so I arrange myself so my mouth is level with his cock, and he takes and puts my left leg over his shoulder to give him better access to my pussy.

“Now, put my cock in your mouth, and please me.”  Oh. My. Goodness.

The one thing that pleases John is a wet pussy, and with his fingers slowly rubbing my already wet slit, I know he’s enjoying himself.

“What do I like?”  He prompts me.

“Wet Pussy”, I promptly reply.

SMACK!  Right in the middle of my left cheek.

“What else?”  he prompts again.

“For your cock to be wet!”, I stammer out.

“Good girl.”  He responds, rubbing where he just spanked, and moving back to rub my pussy again.

He keeps up an inconstant rhythm, keeping me quivering, the whole time never even getting close to inserting a finger inside me, and it’s driving me crazy.

I slack a little on my duties because my legs are twitching, and I keep moving my hips, trying to get him to slide at least a finger inside me, and twice more, hard and fast, SMACK SMACK!

Reminding me to keep up with his cock in my mouth, I begin to try and take as much of his cock into my mouth and throat as I can.  And, I briefly succeed, gagging on him.

His groan of pleasure is enough to make my pussy even wetter, and he responds to that increased wetness with a hard circular rub around my clit, my hips bucking, and I pull back again.


“Did I tell you that you could stop?  Don’t fucking take my cock out of your mouth again, Do you understand?  You are going to suck my cock until your fucking tongue is numb.  Got it?”

“Yes, Sir.”

Oh, my fucking God!  He’s enjoying this way more than I’ve ever seen before.   Regardless, I’m going to enjoy everything as much as I can, because, why shouldn’t I?  It feels amazing, and I like when he tells me what to do.

Another smack, a growl, and a rub…fuck, he’s hardly touching me.  I try harder to get all of him down my throat, he removes his hands from my pussy, and places both of them on my head, gripping my hair, tight, pushing me onto his cock, forcing himself down my throat, I’m gagging, can’t breathe, and my eyes are watering.

“That’s right, take it all.  That’s how you suck my cock, understand?”

And, I cum as he releases me to breathe.  His fingers have still not been inside me, and I feel him begin touching me again, tortuously slowly, and I begin to pull away from his cock again, about to beg him to at least put a finger inside me, and his hand is back on my head.

“I did not tell you to stop pleasing my cock, did I?”

One hand moves away, and spanks me again, hard.  I redouble my efforts, taking him down my throat again.  God, I can’t stand it, I need him inside me…

My pussy clenches, and my whole body tenses, and he tells me, “Cum again, right now for me, and tell me what you want.”

It’s all I needed, I’m cumming again, harder than before, his cock down my throat, his moan of pleasure eliciting responses from my body I was not expecting.  I can’t believe how fucking hot this is…

I can’t talk, I just shake with pleasure, my body giving him what he wants from me.  I can’t respond, I can’t tell him what I want, because I don’t even know right this second.

“You want all 5 fingers again, don’t you?”  A few nights previously, he got most of his fist in my soaking wet pussy, and I couldn’t believe how good it felt.

“Yes, Sir.  I do, please…”

“Show me how you please yourself with my cock by cumming once more for me, and I’ll give you what you want.”


Shakily, I move to straddle him, giving him the best view I can.  My hands on his ankles, I FINALLY take his hard cock inside me.  God, it feels so fucking good, I can’t stand it.  I begin to rock slowly, my clit rubbing against his balls, beginning the torture again.  I still, lean forward, enjoy the feeling of him inside me, and he spanks me, HARD again.

“You need to cum for me again.  Soon.”

“Yes, Sir.”  Holy shit…I can’t believe how good this feels.

I push back up, rocking my hips, and enjoying how good he feels.  I can feel it, I need to cum again, and I tell him, “John, I need to cum again…”

“Then give me what I like, and make my cock all wet, cum for me Honey.”

And again, that’s all it takes, I cum for John again, hard and shaking.   He pulls his cock out of me, and starts putting his fingers in.

Holy fuck…it hurts, but that line between what feels good and hurts is so blurred I can’t tell the difference.  I push back against his hand, trying to get more inside me, and that’s it…I just put my face down on the mattress, close my eyes and enjoy the feeling of Johns hand in my pussy.

He’s talking the whole time, but I can’t understand what he’s saying, I’m all sensation at this point, and I feel a finger begin to rub closer and closer to my asshole.  Fuck.  He’s pushing inside me, and my pussy is so full, my whole body is on fire right now, and I just fucking cum again…

“What a good girl you are tonight Honey.  That’s it baby, cum for me some more…mmmm, feels good doesn’t it?”

Just when I think it’s over, I feel his hand pulling from me, but it’s quickly replaced by his cock.  He grabs my hips, and begins pumping into me, fast and hard, and I am still cumming, and then John is right there with me, filling me with his seed.

Damn…I love Tuesdays!

Honey, John & Greg

For a very long time, like most women I’m sure, I have had the fantasy of being shared by two men.  Much like men fantasize about having two women paying all of their attention to them, I’ve wanted two men to please me too!

John finally arranged for that to happen!  Our friend Greg is single, younger than us, and totally hot.  He’s taller and thinner than John, black hair, brown eyes, a body to die for, and he’s totally down to fuck another man’s wife with him.

How did I get so lucky?  YUM!!


So Friday night, all the kids are camping, and John is supposed to be with them.  Little did I know  he was sneaking home with Greg to surprise me with this treat!

Home alone for once; I do what any woman would do.   I watch obscene amounts of porn, mostly MMF, because I’ve been fantasizing about it so much recently, but I still love my FFM porn the best.  (Sharing a cock is just SO MUCH FUN!!!)


When John walked in the front door, I was completely shocked!  I was supposed to have the evening to myself, and of course I was naked on the couch, which can be seen from the front door.  Legs spread, pussy soaked, fingering myself and almost on the edge of cumming.  I shrieked when I saw him, but he just growled a little, “Good girl!  You know I like my pussy nice and wet for me Honey.”

“John!  You’re home early!  Yay!  I always cum so much more with you than I do alone, I’m glad you’re here.  I need some cock so I can cum properly.”

“Honey, you have no idea what is in store for you tonight.”

As he steps through the door, Greg follows right behind him.  Again, I shriek, trying to cover myself, but there’s no way.  I left all my clothes upstairs and have been walking around the house naked all evening.  Enjoying that feeling.

“Put your hands down, come over here, and stand up straight Honey.  Greg wants to inspect you before he fucks you.”

Walking to the middle of my living room, I stand still, straight and slightly shaking as Greg walks around me in a circle.  My nipples harden as he eyes my breasts, and the wetness that was between my legs before increases as he brushes my hair out of my face.

“Lovely.”  He says.  John stands there with a grin on his face, his eyes dark, watching my reactions.  He knows how much I’ve wanted two men, and I’ve mentioned Greg being part of my fantasy more than once.

Apparently, one night a few weeks ago while out together, they got on the subject of blow jobs, and Greg being single, hasn’t had one in a while.  So John volunteered me.  Greg didn’t think that he was serious, so tonight when they were again joking around about Greg’s lack of a mouth to fuck; John put him in the car and drove to our house.  Explaining to him that not only would I suck his cock, but he could fuck me, and if he was open to it, they could both fuck me at the same time.

Greg expressed his agreement by telling John that he’d wanted to fuck me since he met me.  “I’m so jealous you get those pretty blue eyes staring up at you while she sucks your cock.  Don’t even get me started on those tits, man.  How can you let her leave the house in those tight t-shirts!  You sure she’s going to be down for this tonight?  No warning or anything?”

John informed Greg that I was always ready for cock, or pussy, or anything really.  He explained to him a little bit about our life and marriage on the way to our house.  And Greg agreed that he would like to join in, but that he tended to like things a little bit rougher than what John might be used to.

“Nah, you fuck her how you want to.  She’s been dying to try this, she loves to be spanked, and if you grab her hair and make her choke on your cock, her whole body reacts to the pleasure she feels.  I think it’ll be alright, and she’ll tell you if she doesn’t like something.”

So, standing in my living room, my husband watching, our friend circling me, barely touching me, I’m practically cumming just from the anticipation.  Both men are fully clothed, and I’m totally naked and exposed.  Greg behind me now, places a hand on my shoulder, steps close and whispers something in my ear that I can’t understand because his other hand has just run up the inside of my thigh where my anticipation is making it’s way down my legs.

Holy Hotness!

His chuckle brings me around.  “What?”  I ask, breathy and shaky.

“Never mind Honey, your body spoke for you.”

I’m told by John to get on my knees, and to be comfortable about it because I’ll be that way for a while.  My insides clench, and I get the pillows that will cushion my knees.  The men are removing their clothes, and I just can’t think straight.

John is on my left, and Greg is in front of me.  I’m eye level with their hard cocks, and fuck, I’m going to be sore tomorrow!

John’s cock is at full attention, beautiful and perfect.  Greg is standing at attention too, almost the same length, but slightly thicker than John.  I’ll be sore, but damn, it’ll be totally worth it.

“Look at me Honey.”  Greg says, taking his cock in hand.  “Open your mouth for me, and do not take your beautiful eyes off me while my cock is in your pretty little mouth.”

Oh Fuck!  Two of them telling me what to do, how is that going to work?  I feel another drip make it’s way down my thigh, and realize, I don’t care.  My mouth open, my eyes on him, I just give into it, and do what I’m told.

“Good girl.  Now get ready, because I haven’t had a mouth on my cock for a while, and I plan on fucking your mouth until I want to stop.  Grab John if you need me to stop.  Now, open your mouth so I can fuck it.”

I nod, and open my mouth, stick out my tongue, eager to have him shove his cock in my mouth.  John inches closer, leans down and whispers in my ear, “I like watching you like this Honey.  I can see how wet you are, enjoying yourself so much, you’re beginning to drip onto the pillows.  Spread your knees a little wider for me, I need to touch you.”

Johns fingers in my pussy, Greg’s cock in my mouth…PARADISE!

Greg has so far been very gentle, but as I start to close my eyes, really enjoying the sensations, he pulls my hair with one hand, and with the other grips my chin, hard.  “Keep your eyes open.  I don’t care what he’s doing to your pussy, I want to see your eyes.  You got it?”  He rams himself harder and harder into my mouth, fucking my throat really.

This is harder than it seems, there’s drool running down my chin, and my eyes are watering.  He’s pounding my throat, every thrust held as he pushes my head closer to him.  John’s fingers are mercilessly working my pussy, occasionally working to my clit to pinch and rub it.  “That’s my good girl, you want to cum for us, don’t you?”  I can’t even answer because Greg’s cock is so far down my throat I can’t breathe.

I hear myself moaning around his cock, my pussy clenching, so close to cumming I can’t stand it.  My mind a blank, I feel everything happening, but the pleasure is so great I just enjoy it.

Greg’s cock stills, John’s fingers pull away and Greg tells me, “Very nice.  You did good for me Honey.  But I don’t want to cum down your throat.  I want to feel that soaking wet pussy cum all over my cock, now.”

“That’s my Good Girl, Honey.  Cum on his cock, and then we can do some of the things you’ve wanted to try.”  John tells me as he puts his cock in my mouth.  Holy fuck!  Just a few strokes is all he gives me, and after the face fuck that Greg gave me, I’m grateful.

Greg lies down, and tells me to climb on top.  I position myself so I can, John again standing next to me.  I’ve convinced myself that his thickness won’t be too much different than Johns, but he stretches me a bit.  Thank God I’m soaked, or this would hurt!  Greg moans his pleasure, “God woman, your pussy is tight!  But so wet…”  I hear John tell him, “I told you it was amazing.”

(Thank God I use my balls everyday.  Keeping my muscles in shape allows me to cum harder and more frequently.)

I get all of Greg inside me, and John groans, “Fuck, ride his cock Honey.  Cum for us, I want to watch you please yourself with him.”

And I’m off.  Rocking back and rolling my hips, every bit of his cock hits those same right spots, but the stretch is an additional pleasure I wasn’t ready for.  Such a short time, and I’m cumming for them both, I reach down with my hands to stead myself, but Greg pulls them behind my back, and grunts.  “Keep still Honey.  I want to enjoy this.”

Fuck, I’m cumming and cumming hard.  I’m shut off, and whimpering as I cum for them both.  “That’s right Honey, Good Girl.”  I hear John tell me as I feel his hands on my nipples, pinching and rolling them to heighten my pleasure.  As if it could get any better, but it does.  A little push over another little edge, and I’m lost in the sensations.

I feel Greg’s cock pull out of my pussy, only to be replaced by Johns, but only for a few thrusts.  The men have me lying on Greg, face down, ass up, ready for more in just a second.  Greg’s cock inside me again, and I whimper.  I know what’s coming next.

I feel John behind me, and I hear him say “Relax, Honey, just take it like a Good Slut, and you’ll enjoy it.  You know you will.”  And he’s right.  I hear Greg saying “Get ready, Honey.  You’re going to be full in just a minute.  You will lie as still as you can, and you will take it like the Good Slut you are, and you will cum all over my cock again, but only when John and I tell you to.  Do you understand me?”

“Yes, I understand.  I’ll take it.  I’ll take it.”  I moan, feeling one of each of their hands on my nipples, their pinches different, Greg’s fingers are rougher, the differences evident, but feeling so good.

John’s cock pushes into my ass slowly, and it hurts!  I’m so full already, but they are both there, calming me down.  Greg brushes my hair out of my face, “Sssshhhh, its ok, relax, you will take it.”

John, a hand gripping my shoulder, “Good Girl!” he tells me as he fills me, past the pain and into that place that just feels so good you can’t describe it.  I’m still, and they are moving, the pleasure is intense, different than anything I’ve ever felt before.  That fullness adding a level I had not expected.  There’s a current of pain, but it’s totally masked by the pleasure.

It’s too much, just too much.  My chest is heaving, I’m panting almost in tears.  John and Greg are grunting, I feel the slide of each of them as they move opposite of the other.  I’m twitching, my body about to betray me, and they stop, just for a moment.  I breathe, I’m on fire, and my whole body is about to explode.

“Not yet, Honey.  Just hold back a minute.”  I hear one of them say.  I’m lost again, floating.

They begin fucking me again, and I hold back, it takes everything I have to hold back but I do it.  I want to cum so badly, I’m incoherently begging them both.  “please, please, please, please…”  I’m going to cum whether they allow me to or not, when I hear them say together, “Now, Cum NOW Honey.”

I’m cumming hard for them again, enjoying the feelings.  I feel John gather my hair and pull my head to face him as best I can behind me, “Enjoying yourself, Honey?”

“Oh, yes John!  Thank you so much!”

I feel him slip out of me, and Greg moves me off of him.

“Back up on your knees Honey”, John tells me.  “Neither of us has cum yet, but we want to show you our appreciation for being such a good slut tonight.”

My body is weak and my legs feel like jelly, but I’m back on my knees for them.  I watch them jacking their cocks, so close to me and I know what’s happening.  I’m rewarded for doing such a good job by getting painted with their loads.  “Open your mouth, we will try and aim.” Greg tells me.  Of course I open wide, ready to accept my rewards, but rather than finding my mouth, my face ends up covered with their cum, but luckily some makes its way into my mouth, and I enjoy knowing that I’ve made two gorgeous men cum as I taste them mixed on my tongue.

“Come on Greg, let’s get back.  We’ll be missed if we don’t come back with pizza eventually.”

John and Greg get dressed, leaving me kneeling on the floor.  Greg comes over to me, leans down and kisses the top of my head, “Thanks Honey.  Next time John and I will plan this, and I’m going to show you some things I think you’ll enjoy.”

John comes to me, kisses the top of my head, “I love you Honey.  We will plan this next time, like Greg said.  I know how much you enjoyed yourself.  Watching you cum for him was amazing.  Next time will be even more fun because we will have more time.  Get some good sleep tonight, when I come home I’m going to fuck you again.”


Exhausted I clean up the living room and myself.  The whole time thinking how amazing John is, and how lucky we are to have such amazing friends, our lives are full of good things, and I go to sleep feeling the aches of the evening’s events, and excited to know we added one more friend to our expanding list of “play time friends”.

Variety is the spice of life, hahah!

Honey, Ellie & John!

So, I have met some truly spectacular people, and recently, an opportunity presented itself. Ellie had recently broken up with a gentleman who shall remain nameless. He wasn’t the best of guys, and he didn’t treat her with the respect that she deserved. Now, she and I have been friends for a while, and she knows about John and I. So when she came to me, I didn’t realize at first that she was kind of propositioning us.

It started over drinks after work one night. She invited me so I could hear all about what had happened between her and the nameless. They had been dating for a while, and although Ellie is a conservative woman, she’s not a prude. She chooses very carefully who is worthy to share her bed. She’s very particular, and not everyone makes the cut. This one didn’t make the cut. Not to say they didn’t have a good time, but the deed was never done.

So, she starts telling me about what their encounters were like, and I was shocked! Now, granted, I’ve been with John a very long time, I have apparently been INCREDIBLY lucky with the choices we have made in play partners. Ellie started telling me about her experience with him, and I could have cried. He was so cold!

She told me about the last time they were intimate, and it was heart breaking! Needless to say, our discussion was quite intense, and I did my best to turn it playful, and I succeeded rather quickly.

“Ellie, I seriously doubt that your oral skills are lacking, I just think your last boyfriend was unappreciative and selfish.” I told her with surety.

“I just don’t know Honey. He never seemed to really enjoy himself. I mean, it seemed like I was never good enough for him to really enjoy it.”

“Well, I think you need to demonstrate your skills for me so I can tell for sure. I mean, if you want to be good, and keep your man happy, you have to know how to enjoy giving head. It’s not all about him you know. I LOVE sucking John’s cock, and it makes me wet knowing he likes what I’m doing. If he never said anything, or only told me what I was doing wrong, I would have stopped trying a long time ago.”

Ellie was bright red, and practically hyperventilating at this point. She shifted in her seat and looked at me, her eyes sparkling, “Would you be there to help me if I was doing something wrong?”

“Oh, yes! I would love to help you improve your techniques! Would you mind terribly if John was your guinea pig?”

“You wouldn’t mind me practicing on John, Honey? I mean, I know you guys are more open than others, but I just want to make sure you would be OK with it.”

“Ellie, do you have any idea how hot it would be for me to watch John fuck that pretty mouth of yours?” I heard her intake of breath, and watched her nipples harden through the silky red blouse she was wearing. I knew then that we were going to have a lovely evening.

“I have some requests, Honey, if you don’t mind.” Ellie said shakily. She was so nervous, the poor thing!

“Of course! This is all about trust and mutual satisfaction. We would never press you to do something you were uncomfortable with. You are in control the whole time, and all we want to do is help.”

“Honey, I want to have fun playing but this is a hard limit for me. I have a rule that there is no penetration unless there is mutual love, and…”

“Say no more. It’s 100% understood. Anything else goes, right? No restrictions on what else we do, right?”

Ellie relaxed visibly, and smiled slightly shaking her head. “I can’t believe we are going to do this. Did you have time tonight, or should we…”

“Let’s go, right now! My friend took all 4 kids home with her tonight, so we will be alone. I’ll text John and let him know, so it’s not a total shock when we both walk into the house.”

Oh boy! This is going to be so much fun! I’m going to teach this delicious woman how to suck cock, and I get to do something I’ve been dying to do for ages! (I’m totally going to make that perfect ass of hers nice and red! I can’t wait!)

“John! We’re home!!!” I sing-song as I waltz through the door, with Ellie trailing behind me.

“Mmmm, looks like you brought home a tasty treat, Honey. I can’t wait to unwrap it…”

Ellie and I both giggled, as I grabbed her hand to bring her to the couch. I knew she was nervous, but I also knew how badly she wanted to try this. As I sat next to her on the couch, I put my arm around her shoulder, I placed one hand on the thigh and started working my way up. John was sitting on a dining room chair, watching the two of us intently. I could see the lust in his eyes. He licked his lips and nodded slowly, imploring me to make Ellie more at ease.

I felt her shoulders relax, and her breathing became more steady as she watched the silent conversation between John and I. She wanted to get started, I could tell. As my hand made it’s way up her thigh, she ever so slightly spread her legs to allow me to cup her mound through the tight black pants she wore.

John stood up and approached us, and put one hand on the back of each of our heads. “Look at me, I need to see your faces.”

We both looked up at John, flushed with anticipation. Waiting for what was going to come next.

“Ok Ellie, let’s see what you can do for John.”

Her hands were trembling when she knelt in front of him, and I gathered her hair, to keep it out of her face. John was eager to get started, and I could tell he was anxious. How many hot sexy young women did I bring home on a regular basis?

(Wait, don’t answer that…I bring women home all the time. I am a dirty, dirty girl, and I love to watch my hubby with other women.)

“It’s OK baby. I’m ready for you. See?”

John’s cock was standing at attention eagerly waiting for Ellie to begin. I sat back, waiting to enjoy the show. She gingerly pulled his cock free and licked her lips in anticipation.

John moaned in appreciation as her hands wrapped around his cock. Ellie is nervous, and trembling slightly so I grip her hair a little more firmly, and pull just a little bit. Her breath hitches again, and I whisper in her ear “Open your mouth and show me what you are going to do, little one.”

“Yes, ma’am”, she replies and licks her lips once again. John’s cock twitches in anticipation as she leans forward and very slowly licks the tip from underneath.

“oohhhh, tell me you’re going to keep going Ellie?” John teases her playfully. She smiles, and gets even more comfortable with the situation. Her right hand is wrapped around his cock, and her left hand runs up his thigh and cups his balls. She opens her mouth further, and begins licking all around the tip of his cock.

“Good Girl!” My hand is still in her hair, and I’m going to make her take his entire cock in that pretty mouth in just a minute. I’ve slipped off my top, and the flowy skirt I’m wearing is pooled in my lap.

“Ellie, take your top off sweetie.” She responds by squeaking, but she complies. I kiss her shoulder, and run my fingers gently up and down her back. Goose bumps pop up, and I plunge my hand into her hair again. “Open your mouth and get ready to take that cock down your throat.”

John is ready for this, and his hands join mine at the back of her head. He grips her hair, and slowly brings her head closer, and thrusting his hips, pushes just the tip of his cock into her eager mouth.

Her shoulders tighten as his cock slips in her eager mouth. She closes her eyes in appreciation as he pulls her head closer to him, pushing himself into her.

John’s cock is all the way in her mouth. He pulls her closer, and I run my hands down her back. She’s choking and trying to pull back. He allows her to pull back to catch her breath. Just for a second.

“Ellie, you need to get up on your knees.” I said. She pulled her mouth off John’s cock, and looked at me with a question on her face.

She wasn’t moving fast enough for me, so I spanked her. She squeaked, and shuddered. She got up on her knees, and did what she was told.

“Good girl. Now, remove those slacks for me.”

She was confused, but I reminded her that nothing happened without her permission, and that John wasn’t going to be fucking her. The pants gone, and just her pretty blue flowered cotton bikins, I admired that spectacular ass of hers.

“Get your mouth back on my husband’s cock Ellie. NOW!” I growled at her. Smacking that perfect ass again.

“Yes, Honey!” She wimpered.

I admired her from behind, one hand on her ass, one rubbing her back. She was a delicious specimen of a woman, holy FUCK. I wanted to taste her!

Mind focused! Teach her how to suck cock. Right. Mmmm, fuck, this is making me wet! I can’t help it, I love watching my hubby get pleased, especially when I can help! It’s just so much more fun when I can show someone what to do to make it feel good.

Ok. Ok. Ok.


“Ellie, listen to me. Don’t stop what you are doing, but, I’m going to show you how to make a John cum for you. And you are going to take it, you hear me?”

I watch John’s cock pop out from between her lips, and she turns and looks at me, all innocent…”Yes, Honey!”

I slide my hand down to her pretty, tight little pussy, and as I expected, it’s dripping wet for me.

Rubbing her slit, I slide my middle finger between her lips, never entering her, but gathering her wetness and bringing it to my lips.

God, she tastes divine! Like Mangoes and honey…delicious!

I pulled my hands away from her pussy reluctantly, lick my fingers and place my hands on her shoulders. (God, I can’t tell you how difficult it was for me not to flip her over and lick her delicious pussy until her cum was dripping all over my face!)

I kneeled behind her, my hands first on her shoulders, then one in her hair. She was a quick study, and was worshiping John’s cock *almost* as well as I would. She was a natural!

Drooling, her eyes watering, I pushed her head down on his cock. She took every bit of him down her throat! What a good girl!

She reached for my hand at one point, John’s hips thrusting, my hands holding her in position…I grabbed both her hands, and held them behind her back. She looked so beautiful getting her mouth fucked by John. I let her hands go, and watched her bring her hands up to his thighs, and watched her instinctively bring her right hand up to cup John’s balls. She was a natural, and I was delighted watching her please my John.

I could see John getting ready to cum, and I said to her, “don’t swallow that. I want to taste him from your lips.”

She moaned, and I watched her nipples harden at the thought. I held her head with both hands, just as John came in her mouth, his hands and mine tangled in her beautiful brown hair. I pulled one hand away, and reached between her thighs, feeling her opening clench as John came in her mouth.

I pulled her to me as John finished, and she closed her eyes and offered her mouth to me.

Oh. My. God. Fucking HOT!

Tasting my hubby’s cum out of another woman’s mouth! I felt her hands on my shoulders slide down my body, her left hand pinched my nipple, and her right hand kept sliding down my body until it reached my dripping wet pussy.

Her lips opened for me, to give me John’s cum as two slender fingers probed my slit, just playing. Both of us gave over to the need to touch, up until John pushed us apart, his face the picture of satisfaction.

Just A Typical Morning at Home

Breakfast was done, and John and I were getting ready for the day.  I was feeling awfully daring, no pantyhose today, I was wearing the sexy nude seamed stockings (the traditional kind that require a garter belt) and a slim black pencil skirt.  I had just finished pulling down my skirt when John walked in, and took one look at me and grinned.

“Honey, you look amazing!  Turn around.  Let me see you”

I turned around, and he pushed me towards the bed.  Bending me over the bed, he pulls up my skirt.

I turn my head to look at him, and he spanked me, “Don’t move!  Don’t look at me until I say you can.”

I’m quivering at this point.  I love when he gets demanding with me!

He growls in appreciation, “Good girl.  Do as you’re told.”  He alternates between each cheek, spanking harder until I’m moaning and my ass is bright red.  He rubs roughly after each spank, whispering to me the whole time.

My pussy is clenching, and beginning to drip for him.  I’ve got on cheeky panties, and a garter belt.  I expected him to strip me of them after the spanking, but what he does is begin to rub my slit through the grey satin, feeling my desire though them.

“Mmmmm, that’s a good girl, you know I like your pussy wet.  You’re ready to cum already, aren’t you?  What a good little slut you are.”

I can hear the amusement in his voice, he’s enjoying himself immensely.  I love hearing him talk to me like this.  His hand continues to rub my slit through the panties, getting devastatingly close to my clit, but never actually touching it.  How I’ve managed to stay still through all of this is beyond me.

I’m wordlessly moaning, and I begin to squirm a little, unable to control myself.  “Please, please?”

“Please what?”

“Please will you make me cum?  Please?”

I’m panting, and held down on the bed.  My ass in the air, my panties are now very wet, and John is still fully dressed, and still rubbing my pussy.  I’m aching to cum, but he won’t let me yet.

“When do you get to cum Honey?”

“Only when you say I can, John.  Please, please!”

“That’s right.  You cum when I say you can.  Now be my good girl, and just lie there and let me play with you for a little bit.  I’m enjoying my little slut this morning.  And I’m not done with you yet.”

I gasp as he moves my panties, and slides his finger along my bare pussy.  Teasing me, I’m so close to cumming, and he knows it.  I hear him giggle, and moan in appreciation.  He slips one finger inside me, and I feel his other hand slide up my back, and grip my neck.

“Good girl.  Hold back.  NO cumming yet.”

“Please please please please.”  I’m panting, my legs are beginning to shake.  My hands are clenching over and over in the blanket.  I’m on the verge of screaming, my body trying hard to peak.

One spank on each cheek, hard.  “Sssshhhh, stop moving!  You will cum when I tell you to, and not until then.  Now be still and take it like a good girl.”

“Yes, John.”

He has succeeded in calming me down a little bit, but his fingers never left my pussy.  He adds two and  now three fingers begin to slip in and out of my dripping hole.  His thumb is lightly teasing my asshole, and I begin to whimper.

“Please!  Please!”

“Not yet.  You can cum when I shove my hard cock in your dripping wet hole, Honey.”

Oh God!  I feel him begin to pull his fingers back, and I hear the zipper of his pants go down.  Its been less than 5 minutes, and he’s got me ready to cum.  I swear, this man could make me cum just by telling me to!

“Are you ready to cum for me Honey?”

“Yes John, please!!!”

“Good girls cum hard Honey.”

His hand is in my hair again, gripping and holding me down at the same time.  His other hand still between my lips, pinching my clit.  Oh god…I’m so close, I can’t stand it.

He slowly pulls his hand away from my pussy, and I feel his cock at my opening.  He slowly pushes his way inside me, every inch is delicious torture.  “Not yet, not yet.”

Ever so slowly he plunges into me, never quite hard enough.  Right at that edge of cumming, so close but not there.  He is so good at keeping me right there, never bringing me over the edge.

His hand in my hair, he pulls my head up, the other hand on my shoulder moves to my neck, and squeezes.  I hear him whisper as he pulls back, “almost time”

I can’t take it anymore, wordlessly I beg for release.  Grunting and panting, I hold on.  “Please, John, Please!”

One, two, three, a dozen or a hundred hard and fast pumps, I can’t hold back any longer, and he knows it.

“Now Honey, cum hard for me.”

And there, I cum crying and panting, my body clenching around him over and over again.  “Good girl, such a good girl!  Keep going, don’t stop cumming for me Honey.”

“John, oh God John!  It feels so fucking good! Please, I don’t want to stop yet.”

“Then don’t.”

He’s pumping hard, and I feel his body begin to tense.  I can tell, he’s going to cum very soon.

“Take it, Honey, that’s right, just take it.”

God this feels so amazing.   He’s going to cum inside me, oh I love this!

A few more strokes, and I’m coming down, and his seed fills me, and he stills.

He pulls out of me, and I don’t move.  He moves my panties back where they belong, and pulls my skirt down.

“You are not to clean up.  You will go to work exactly as you are right now, wet panties and all.  Fix your hair, put your face on and get moving.”

“Yes John!”  So, I get up and get moving, and head to work.   What a great start to a Monday!  It makes my day so much better when I start it in such a good way.  Cumming for John always puts a smile on my face and a spring in my step. I can feel his cum soaking my panties, and I know it’s going to be a busy day filled with meeting after meeting.