Shower Time!

So, I make it into the shower with John, and we are going about the business of getting clean.  No touching, no talking, nothing.  I’m a little hurt and confused at this point.  Not really sure what I was expecting, but after what he said to me before I got the kids ready, I was expecting something at least.

I leaned past him, “I need to shave my legs, I’ll be quick”.

“Go ahead, take your time”.

Soaping my scrubbie, with White Citrus body wash, I prop my foot on the corner of the tub, my back to him.  I know he’s behind me, but he’s not moving.  As I pull the razor up my leg from my ankle, I feel him move.  I feel his hand slide up the inside of my leg, his fingers probing into my center.

My hand stops moving, and I hear him speak softly right next to my ear “Don’t stop what you were doing.”  So, I continue, my breathing hitches, and I have to move my hand very carefully so I don’t cut myself.

His fingers find my clit and pinch, then rub gently.  I feel something sliding into my opening, vibrating very slowly.  I know what it is, the magic wand!  Oh boy, this is going to get difficult rather quickly. (I usually cum so hard when this slim curved toy is used.  It has this little hook on the end, and it always hits the right spot.)

I’m bent at the waist, razor in hand, very very carefully shaving my legs.  Left leg first, my pussy is soaked and achy.  My body is shaking ever so slightly, Johns tormenting fingers are driving me mad.  I need to switch legs.

“Don’t forget what you are doing, Honey.”

I switch legs, soaping myself extra slowly because I’m so thoroughly enjoying what is happening.  Right leg, carefully taken care of, and with the last swipe of the razor, I feel John lick up my spine and bite me on my right shoulder.  I can’t take it, the razor drops from my hand, and I’m done in.  I feel his fingers at the base of the toy, and he whispers “Good girl!  You are SO wet, and that pleases me.”

Ever so slowly he fucks me with the magic wand, bringing me closer and closer to the release I need.  His hand moving slowly from my shoulder to my hair, twisting the wet strands around his strong hands, “Cum for me, Honey.  Cum for me NOW!”

I gasp, shuddering my orgasm down my spine, my muscles clenching and contracting, cumming so wonderfully that I can hardly stand.  “That’s my good girl.  Stand up on your toes, I’m going to put my cock in you now, and you’re going to cum again.”

“Yes, Sir” I whisper.  Barely able to get up on my toes, my hands reaching for the towel bar at on the wall so I can steady myself.

I feel him, at my enterance, and he says, right before he slides his thick hard cock into my slippery, throbbing pussy, “How’s MY pussy?”  And he does it again.  I cum for him as he slides into me, and I hear him gasp, and I’m falling over the edge still, farther than before.  “That’s my good girl, keep cumming for me Honey.   Just like that.”

SMACK! On the left.  SMACK! On the right.  Oh my God, I’m delirious, and it feels so good I can’t keep my legs under me.

“Hurry, sir.  Please, please cum with me!  Please, please, please?!”  I’m begging, I need him to cum with me.

“Oh yes”, he grunts, and he stills so I can feel him cum inside me.  This is what feels the best.  This is perfection.  Right here, in my ridiculously yellow out of date bathroom.  This is what I ache for.

Hard to believe that we slowly part, finish showering and manage to get to work on time.  I think we’re going to have to start getting up earlier, just for sexy time.  I keep going to work with curly hair, and a couple of my work friends aren’t accepting that “the bus was late picking up the kids” as my excuse for not doing my hair anymore.  I can get away with less make up, but frizzy, curly hair is not my favorite way to look!

This Weekend

Oh Wow!  What a weekend I’ve had!  Not one thing has gone according to plan, but I’m not really complaining.  Friday morning, before the alarm even rang once, John and I were up.  We were snuggling, as we had both fallen asleep naked after wonderful orgasms the night before.  My head on his chest, I feel him shift a little.  He lays something on my backside, and tells me “You don’t get my cock until you have come for me, Honey”.  Instantly I’m wet, and I feel the cold smooth toy on my ass, I know which one it is.  It’s perfectly smooth, and curved nicely, I had bought it for him to use on me, because it’s a Chili Pepper shape and I know he loves hot and spicy peppers, heehee!   I absolutely love when John tells me what to do.  It’s incredibly exciting to me that he knows exactly what I need before I do.  So, chili pepper in hand, I roll onto my back, scooting up on the bed so my head is against the headboard, and my knees are bent, legs spread as wide as I can get them.  John has moved with me, and is watching me intently, licking his lips as he reaches over to pinch my already hard nipples.  Of course, the pepper glides into my slick pussy easily, as I knew it would.  Hearing John talk to me like that always makes me wet.  There is no doubt I will do exactly as he says while he watches, and I will enjoy every single second of it.  It’s cold, not having been warmed up first, but god does it feel good.  I have to force myself to move slowly, because I feel the need to cum already.  John whispering in my ear, “Make my pussy nice and wet for me”.  I almost can’t stand it.  I feel my first orgasm coming on, my heart pounding, a moan held back, turned into panting.  The pepper has a little handle on the end, and I use it to turn the pepper inside of me, sending incredibly sharp points of pleasure through me.  Turning faster, I hear John as if from a distance “Oh yes, Honey.  Cum for me now!”  And I do, the wetness of my orgasm coating the pepper.  I’m lost in the sensations, smooth and hard, warmed now by my body, slick to the point that I can barely hold on to it, I remove it slowly, still contracting around it, and I lick my juices off.  Calming down, my breath slowing, I feel John take my left nipple into this mouth, biting ever so softly, the right one pinched tightly, sending a spark directly to my pussy, making me moan with pleasure.  “Good girl, Honey.  You came so good for me; I want you to do it again.”Laying the pepper between my breasts, I reach down with my right hand, but John stops me.   He takes my hand, and pulls me to him, arms around me holding me tightly.  It’s time to get up and start our day, and neither of us wants to.   He whispers in my ear that I am to get the kids ready for school, lunches made and return upstairs once they are on the bus.  “I’ll be in the shower, and you will join me.”  I was really hoping that I would get to cum again before I had to face my morning, but I do as John says.  Kids are ready, lunches are made, Coffee is fixed and they are out the door.   I anxiously climb the stairs, wondering what he has in mind for shower time.  It’s usually incredible, and ordinarily we start things in the shower, and finish in the bed.  This time, it’s sort of backwards!

Honey and John and Kitty and Paul, part 3

We laid around for a bit, catching our breath, laughing, hydrating.  I mean, damn…I had just cum so hard and so quickly it was unreal.  John and Kitty were laying entangled on the other bed, and we were all just chatting like normal almost.  Despite the fact that we were naked.  NAKED, in front of virtual strangers.  Paul and Kitty both wear glasses, John has perfect vision and I wear contacts.  I was finally comfortable enough to take my contacts out and put my glasses on.  (Of the Buddy Holly Ray Ban Wayfarer style, black of course!)  Walking naked through that room was empowering.  It was a moment that didn’t mean much until much much later.  At home, I always cover up, hide myself.  Shamefully.  Here I was desired like I never had been before.  Three people all wanted me, all wanted to touch, taste and tease me.  It was incredibly erotic just walking across the room.  I didn’t realize it until weeks later, but that was the moment that I became more comfortable in my own skin, more appreciative of my body and the effect it had on people. Now that I’ve gotten all philosophical, I can get back to the really good bits… Walking back to the bed Paul was on, I laid down next to him, on his left, closest to Kitty and John.  Turned slightly to my side, and watched Kitty and John laying together.  Kitty and I looked at each other, grins evident in our eyes, if not on our lips.  We were SO happy that things were working well!  I was aching to see John fuck her and make her cum again…True to my desires, John started at her neck, and worked his way down her luscious body to her sex.  Wet and wanting him, she spread her legs so he could taste all that she had to offer.  I could see it on her face how much he was pleasing her.  Her head thrown back, her body arched, her hands pinching her own nipples because his were busy playing with her pussy, I was absolutely entranced.  Paul was behind me, laying there.  His cock hard against my ass, one hand clutching my breast, his breath hot in my ear, on my neck.  His other hand loosely at my collar bone, cupping my throat.  I was enranced by this sight, my husband, enjoying another woman.  I could see him whispering in her ear, telling her what he was going to do to her, just like he did with me.  “I’m going to fuck you now, and you’re going to cum as soon as I put my cock in your wet pussy”.  I couldn’t contain myself any longer.  My pussy was dripping, so ready for Paul’s hard cock…I turned my head so he could see my lips and hear my voice.  “Please”, I begged him.  “Please!”  John had slipped his hard member into Kitty’s tight snatch, she was moaning with pleasure.  I was aching for Paul, dying to feel another cock in my wet pussy.  The first time in more than 10 years, and I could feel another cock inside me.  The anticipation was ridiculous.  I was trembling with need, twitching with desire, begging for him to fuck me.  My pussy was clenching before he got his cock to the opening of my sex.  He was ready for me.  I hovered over him, one knee on the bed, one foot on the bed.  Licking the palm of my hand to ensure that he was ready for me, I guided his thick hard cock into my dripping wet pussy. It was almost instantaneous how fast I came around his hard cock.  Watching John fuck Kitty had only heightened my pleasure.  I was in absolute ecstasy.  Watching John with Kitty, while Paul was inside me was incredible.  I couldn’t believe that pleasure what this immense.  I was totally destroyed, bent at the waist, clutching Paul’s shoulders, begging for a break.  He pushed me up by my throat and said, “You’re done when I tell you you’re done”.  And I broke again.  Cumming hard for him, like I do for John.  Shattered into a million pieces, begging Paul to stop, to let me breathe, to let me enjoy.  He finally relented and let me relax against his chest, I was sweating and shaking, so wrapped up in the pleasure I couldn’t even really form a coherent sentence.  I didn’t want it to end, but I couldn’t let it go on.  I cried out “Paul, please, ssshhhh!”  My secret “code” word with John, and miraculously, everything stopped.  We all slowed down, relaxed, and after hearing Kitty cum AGAIN, I was totally content to lay back and let Paul play with me however he wanted to.  Just like John was with Kitty.  Our lives were never going to be the same, and these folks were now a part of the roller coaster that was our  everyday life.  This evening will continue, pleasantly I’m sure!

Honey and John and Kitty and Paul, part 2

John is getting his cock expertly sucked by Kitty, and I’m stalking Paul.   Don’t get me wrong, John is a fucking fantastic lover, but this is a different man!  I haven’t fucked a different man since I fucked up all those years ago when I made my terrible mistake.  It was amazing.  Watching John and Kitty together, she was sucking him off in a way I never had before.  I watched as she took just the head in her mouth, her right hand at the base of his cock.    I could watch his face, and see how much he was enjoying it.  “A new mouth”, he said, when she came up for air, “Magic Mouth” she said, and immediately got back to work.  Paul lay back on the bed, looking at me, asking me with his eyes to do the same to him, as Kitty was to John.  I very happily obliged!  His cock was standing at attention, waiting patiently for me to begin my oral assault.  I know that he had been eagerly waiting for me to suck his cock, waiting for me to put my previously bragged about oral skills to work on him.  He wasn’t disappointed.  I was able to get all of his thick, hard cock in my mouth, and was rewarded with a groan of pleasure that made me wet when I heard it.  I had another man’s cock in my mouth, my hubby watching me and moaning in his own pleasure.  This was insane and holy fuck – hot as hell.  Dripping wet, pussy freshly licked, cock in my mouth, the sounds of pleasure all around me.  Oh my GOD, this was amazing!  Again he had a hand in my hair, pulling on it until it was almost painful.  I was so aroused by the differences between these men, I could hardly stand it.  Every second of this was hotter than the last, his hand in my hair, his grunts of pleasure, the “Fuck” that escaped his lips as I took his full length in my mouth, and part way down my throat.  “Honey, stop”, as he pulled on my hair to pull me off his cock while one of my hands caressed his balls.  “Stop, I want to eat that sweet pussy of yours, NOW,” he growled to me.  There was nothing I could do but acquiesce.  He didn’t want me to lay on the bed, he wanted me to straddle his face.  He pulled me up and urged me over his lips.  My hands on the headboard, my teeth clenched, and breath held, I removed his glasses, and placed my knees on either side of his head.  “Oh, FUCK!”  I could hardly stand it; he was so different than Kitty, so different than John.  He was scruffy, rough with almost a 5 o’clock shadow; I was getting my wetness all over his face.  His hands were insistent on my ass, grabbing me, and holding me so I couldn’t move.  He wanted me to cum on his face, he wanted to lick every bit of it from me, eager, insistent.  He was good, incredibly good.  He was different.  He was not them, either of them, and all he wanted was to make me cum for him.  One hand on the headboard, one trying to grasp his short hair, looking down at him, rubbing my clit against his tongue, I was on the verge of cumming all over his face.  It was amazing, I was right there, seconds away from cumming.  Shaking, and moaning with the sheer pleasure of it all.  Both hands on the headboard…I was there, cumming for him.  Head thrown back, hands on the headboard, crying out his name, “YES Paul, fuck, oh god yes Paul”, I couldn’t possibly stop cumming if I wanted to.  At that moment, everything was worth it.  I pulled a little too hard on the headboard, and yanked it off the wall!  Paul almost immediately pushed me off his face, and was like “what the hell just happened?”   I was coming down off an incredibly intense orgasm, and it took me a few seconds to realize what happened, I was immediately apologetic, and hysterical at the same time!  We stopped to take a look at the damage, and counted the anchors that were holding the headboard into the wall, SEVEN.  Seven anchors in the wall.  Not ONE was anchored to a stud.  I came so hard, I pulled the fucking headboard off the wall.  Does shit like this happen in real life?  Laughing and contrite at the same time, I pulled myself down from on top of him, and lay down on the bed, the headboard precariously balanced against the wall.  “Oh God, I can’t believe I just did that!!!”


A little explination

There are going to be several more chapters into the more some story since we have a character limit on here. I have a lot more to say about this evening, and I want to hear thoughts and comments. Tell me what you want me to focus on, and maybe I’ll do a post just of that…
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Honey and John and Kitty and Paul!

So, we have all decided to proceed.  After Kitty and I had our night together, it was urgent that we proceed with haste.  We were anxious to spend another evening of pleasure with each other.  We had planned to spend an evening together on a night that nobody had to work the next day, but Paul was unlucky in that respect.  He would have to report to the fire station the next Monday morning, even though we had hoped he could have gotten the day off.

Kitty wanted to meet up and have a bite to eat before we moved over to the hotel, so we met at our neighborhood bar, across the street from the hotel, and had a couple beers and a bite to eat.  Then we proceeded to the room.

All of us were nervous, and still dressed a few minutes later.  The hotel room was hot, the AC wasn’t really working properly.  But, we decided to proceed anyway.  Paul fixed me a very strong bourbon and cola, and himself one.  Kitty had a glass of wine, and John had water.  All nervous, all anxious we were all like kids on a date, wondering who was going to make the first move.  John and I were on one bed, and Kitty and Paul on the other.  Kitty got up to go to the bathroom, and I think that’s when I laid back on the bed with John.  It was so hot in the room, so I decided to remove my shirt.  Paul came over, and asked why I still had my pants on.  So, emboldened with booze, I stood and removed my favorite pair of pants.  They fit like a glove, and I had to shimmy out of them.  Giving the men a bit of a show, I went to lay back on the bed, but I was still wearing my bra and panties.  Paul wouldn’t let me lay down again until I removed them.  Once I did, I laid between two incredibly handsome men, arms back over my head, naked and waiting.

About a second after my arms went up, John took my left nipple in his mouth, and Paul reached up and began pinching and rolling my right between his very large, rough fingers.  They felt so different from what I was used to with John, it was thrilling.  Kitty walked out of the bathroom, naked as well, happy that play time was starting.  I went to sit up and both John and Paul kept me down, Paul adding his mouth to my right nipple, with John still on my left.  Kitty approached the bed, my legs hanging off, and proceeded to run her small, soft hands up the inside of my thighs, slowly spreading my legs, tonguing my belly button and making me giggle.

She was gentle as she takes her first taste of the evening.  I am almost immediately cumming for her.  The sensations are over the top, I can’t think, I can’t articulate anything other than guttural moaning,  I could feel myself shaking, I couldn’t breathe.  Instant orgasam.  She didn’t stop, she took my clit between her lips, and sucked lightly, John and Paul had taken their mouths away, and they were intently watching Kitty, but not neglecting me.  Kitty had her hair pulled back, and since John and Paul had moved, I was free to bring my hands down to her head.  Kneeling in front of me, most of her face concealed, eyes looking up at me with a determined glint, I sat up enough so I could put my hands in her hair.  I didn’t care that it was back, I had to pull it, she loves it so much.  I was rewarded with a little bite that sent me over again.  I think I cried out, but I can’t be sure.  John was kissing me, Paul was urging Kitty to keep up with me, keep me cumming for them all to see and hear.  Hands everywhere, then, unexpectedly John is up off the bed, Kitty stopped sucking on my clit, and I was on the other bed with Paul.

My heart was pounding, and I couldn’t think straight.  I was naked, in the arms of another man, watching my husband caress another woman.  Enjoying the sight that he is presenting to me.  A hand at the small of my back, and a hand in my hair, Paul is insistent with me.  Pulling my hair so my head hangs back, he is SO much taller than I am, even on tiptoe, he has to bend down to bring his lips to mine.  I cannot believe I am participating in this, my mind is totally racing, my pussy is dripping wet, and I am dying to get Paul’s cock in my mouth.  Kitty has gotten John on his back on the bed and I can hear him moaning as she sucks him, a different mouth for the first time in a VERY long time.  It’s almost too much…

Honey & Kitty Alone First

Kitty and I had been talking about how nervous we both were.  Also, about how nervous our husbands were.  We were dying to get in a room together, but we couldn’t figure out how to get started once we were all together.  I mean, damn.  It’s a tough time for 2 people to get it going sometimes, let alone 4 of us!  Also, considering we had been on 1 date with and 1 date without spouses it was even harder to wrap my mind around it.  I was going to have sex with 2 virtual strangers on what constituted our SECOND date.

Now, I love to have sex, I love pussy, I love cock, but DAMN.  I’ve been with 2 men, and 2 women.  All of whom I knew for extended periods of time before  getting down between the sheets.  (Well, except John.  It took him 3 days to get into my virginal panties, but he’s the exception!)  Yes, you read that right.  I’ve been with 2 men, and 2 women.  One man I’m married to, the other was a stupid mistake.  The 2 women were 15 years apart.  (Talk about a dry spell.)

I’m super nervous, Kitty’s super nervous.  At this point, we’ve had phone sex, text sex, and public masturbation.  The bar is set pretty high for a good experience.  And, we needed it.  She wanted a night alone, just her and I before having the men join us for play time.

We met at a hotel, drank a bottle of white wine she had brought to help calm our nerves.  (I had come from work, dressed nicely, but totally naughty under my dress, as in no panties, no stockings, no slip, no bra!)  She was wearing a long skirt and blouse combo, and she looked beautiful!  Her hair was pulled back, and she looked so good!  I just wanted to rest my head on her shoulder and sit with her for hours.  We did end up chatting for a very long time before we finally worked up enough courage. to move to the bed, and I removed my dress.  Having nothing on underneath, It was positively thrilling having her look at me!   We kissed, and again I was struck by the softness of her lips.  She was so gentle with me.  So hesitant at first.  But, lying there naked is an excellent incentive to play.  She couldn’t keep from pinching one of my nipples while she took the other one in her mouth. It didn’t take long once she started playing with my nipples for either of us to really get focused on each other.

She kissed her way from my breasts down, stopping to ask about a scar on my hip, after licking my belly button while I giggled.  She reached my pussy, and spread my lips moaning in appreciation at my wetness.   She was very skilled, and took next to no time making me cum.  I was so eager for her touch!  We had very specific requests from our husbands, and we didn’t waste time providing them what they wanted.  The first picture was of her licking her fingers, because of how I had wanted her to do that to mine at the restaurant.  Next, of her face buried in my pussy, next, a nipple in my mouth, next 2 fingers in her pussy.  I had no issue making her moan for me, no issue telling what she liked.  No question of her enjoyment, her pussy was dripping for me.  We were relentless in our pleasure.  Cumming again and again for each other.  Enjoying the freedom of being alone together.

By the time we were finished, it was the next day, and we were both exhausted.  Neither of us wanted to leave, but getting kids ready in the morning is a must.  We went home tasting of the other, ready to give a taste to our husbands, eager to give them a play by play!  A lot more comfortable with each other than we were the day before.  More ready for our next play date, when everyone got to join in the fun!

We were now ready to participate as a group, and play together, all 4 of us for the first time.

After Dinner with Kitty & Paul

So, we left off with Kitty having cum in the booth at the restaurant, leaving the 3 of us breathless.   It was one of the most erotic things I had done, up to that point.  I still had the balls in, and needed to take them out before heading home for the evening.  So, back off to the ladies room we go.  This time, I’ve got just a bit more liquid courage coursing through my veins, and Kitty and I shared our first chaste kiss.  (Chaste, considering that I just watched her cum in public)  I went back into the stall, and removed the balls, dripping wet myself, I almost started rubbing my clit right there in the stall, but caught myself.  I looked up and Kitty was watching me through the crack in the door.  Balls back in their black velvety bag, panties up – all one handed, since I had to use my middle finger to help remove the balls – clothes back in place.  I opened up the door of the stall and walked to where she stood.  My heart was pounding in my chest; I wanted to give her my finger to lick so she could taste me.  This was territory I wasn’t ready to tread into in a public restroom.  So, I licked my own finger clean, knowing that she was the cause as she watched me.  I saw her mouth drop a little, and I think she would have loved tasting me.   Practically breathless, we walked back to the booth, only to find our husbands ready to leave.  A little disappointed, but tired from all the excitement, I was ready to go home.

We all left, laughing and having a nice easy chat.  We stood by their car in the parking lot, just chatting for a few minutes in the light drizzle, chilly.  She leaned in and kissed me lightly on the lips, one hand on my arm, the other on the back of my neck.  So sweet, so soft, and so gentle.  Breaking away I turned to find our husbands staring at the two of us, John reached for my shirt and pulled it up to give Paul a peek at the nipples he’d been admiring since I’d removed my bra earlier.  I of course, even drunk, shrieked with mock shame and took a second to pull my shirt back down to cover myself.  Our parting was nice, and we hopped back in our car.  Following them out of the parking lot, us driving straight, them turning left.  Stopped at the light, I could see Paul teasing Kitty’s bare breasts while waiting for the light to change.  So, I flash them again, John playfully pinching my left nipple, and giving it a hard twist making me gasp.  We drive our separate ways, and I immediately dive into my purse for my trusty little blue bullet.

“I can’t take it babe; I have to cum before we get home!”  John looks over at me, the city lights passing by, the streets wet (like every movie ever!) and all he says is “Cum for me.”  I’m practically undone before I even get my pants unzipped, before I could even turn on little blue.  Shaking, I finally manage to turn blue on, and I move my panties out of the way, spreading my lips.  I did not realize how incredibly aroused I was.  My panties were wet with my need, and I was breathless with desire.  The anticipation building up, “Cum for me Honey”, I press blue lightly against my clit, and shatter into a million pieces.    I cannot believe how quick that was; in seconds I was cumming for John like he wanted me to.  I feel John pull my shirt up again, exposing just my left breast, pinching, pulling and rolling the nipple, pushing my orgasm past the point of pleasure into insanity.  I’m cumming so hard, I swear I’m going to literally fall apart.  Panting; driving down the highway at 75 miles an hour on a Thursday night.  I vaguely feel John take blue from my hand, and I can breathe again.  “Good girl Honey, God, I love watching you cum.”

By the time we get home, it’s almost Friday morning, and we are stripping our clothes off as we walk up the stairs to our bedroom.  Pants off, John pushes me down onto the bed and starts removing my pants, “Now it’s my turn Honey.  God, I can’t wait make you cum again.”  I’m quivering, knowing what’s coming next.  His cock thick, hard and ready for me, he takes a moment to admire me, and I watch his face change from desire to need.  He takes my leg, and places it against his shoulder, and enters me quickly in one hard thrust.

I’ve finally gotten what I needed.  Everything up until now was a prelude to this moment.  I can’t think, I can’t see, I just cum for him.   By the time he erupts inside me, I am a boneless heap on the bed, shaking, breathless, begging him to stop so I can rest finally.  “Good girl, Honey.”

First Dinner with Kitty & Paul

Meeting day arrives, and we are all nervous.  I know I am, so is she, and both our hubbies are too.  I chat throughout the day with everyone.  We are all looking forward to dinner, and curious how the hubbies will get along, and how her hubby and I will get along.  Dinner time finally arrives, and I’m practically dripping with anticipation.  Dry mouth, sweaty palms…the whole bit.  I immediately order a drink to calm my nerves.  (Paul and I are both whisky drinkers, who’d’ve known…) My hubby sees them first as they climb the stairs.  He told me not to turn around too late!  I saw Kitty first, she looked fantastic!  Hair down past her shoulders, pretty, long chevron patterned skirt.  There I am in black slacks and a boat neck blouse.  (But, to be fair, you could just about see my nipples through the shirt, so I was sufficiently sexy for the meet.)  Our hubbies, hers in shorts (commando I found out later), mine in jeans and a button down.  Surprisingly, she goes for mine, and hers goes for me first, rather than she and I first.  He hugged me so tightly, I thought he’d carry me away.  We sat down, and started chatting easily.  It was like we had all known each other for quite a while.  The nice thing was that She and I had told our hubbies everything that we had learned about the other very recently.  So, it was new for them, and exciting for us.  She and my hubby were next to each other, her hubby and I next to each other, but it was a round table so she and I were across from each other.

Dinner was very enjoyable, we had lovely conversations going, learning new things about everyone present, and our hubbies seemed to get along well.  Despite how worked up we were, we were pretty tame.  Until we asked to be moved downstairs because there was a huge party of rowdy people in the back of our room, and we couldn’t hear each other talking anymore.  So, once in a booth, we get a little more risque.  It might have something to do with the fact that her hubby kept buying me drinks.  Actually, we were both getting quite drunk on Big Gingers.  So, my hubby hands her the present we brought for her.  A little pink bullet that matches one I have at home.  (Brand new, never been used.)  This is after I showed her that I really do keep my Ben-Wa balls in my purse by handing them to her.  (My hubby proceeded to take them out of the bag, and pass them to hers.  And she looks at him and says, “You know where those were this morning, right?”)  The conversation got hot quickly down stairs in the booth.  Her hubby leans close to her, and just loud enough to hear says: “Go into the bathroom and take your bra off”.  “I don’t have a purse to put it in honey”.  “I’ll go with you, I have a purse you can use.”  My hubby is sitting there, just taking it all in.  Totally at a loss for words.  I tell them I’ll take mine off too, since she seems embarrassed, and even offer to put my balls in.  After all, they were in her husband’s hands last…

So, bras off and balls in we return to the table to find our hubbies with shit eating grins on their faces.  She’s got HUGE breasts, and I have very erect nipples.  It just gets more and more deep as we sit there drinking.  I know I was wet, I’m not sure how I kept those balls in place.  I’m trying to cover up, because I’m wearing a fairly light colored blouse, and my nipples are hard, and you can SEE the color of them through the blouse.  (Very unlike myself.  I’m the woman who wears a slip under every dress, and pantyhose with everything!)

Paul keeps telling me to uncross my arms, and John keeps pinching my left nipple…it’s exciting in a way I’ve never known.  I’m very drunk, very distracted, and totally wantonly horny.  John is concerned, and keeps looking at me, and back at them, not quite sure what’s really going on.  This continues for a bit, and we have more drinks delivered.  As soon as the waiter leaves, Paul hands Kitty the little pink bullet, and tells her “You know what you need to do, so do it.”  Kitty stares at him, eyes wide “Here?”  He replies in the positive, and then glances my way.  Stares me in the eye and says, “You cum when she tells you to.”

Oh my god…

Sitting in that booth, in a little restaurant, nearby to all those people.  Holy Hotness Batman…

She pulled her skirt up under the table, looked me in the eye, and silently begged for me to let her cum.  It was incredibly arousing.  I didn’t make her wait long,  but I did get to watch her face as she came, which was incredible!

More? Really??

Since the whole Cookie deal went down, I’ve been stalking the internet looking for a couple we maybe could have some fun with.  Well, lo and behold, a couple weeks pass, and I find a very interesting post about a woman who is a professional during the day, but a submissive happy wife in the bedroom, bisexual to boot( In my area! What are the odds?).  So, what do I do in my infinite wisdom?  I respond that I am in a very similar situation.  Not really a sub, but kinky as hell.  Nobody would ever know…right?  We have been chatting off and on through that app for about a month, mostly talking about stuff, life in general, how tough things are sometimes, not every conversation was kinky.  So, one night, I decide that I would really like to meet her for real, like know her name, and maybe someday have drinks or coffee.  We had a lot in common, we had kids that drove us nuts occasionally, husbands that could be jerks but that we loved unconditionally, and jobs that were tough.  We also shared some of the same kinky fantasies.  So, I gave her my first name and my cell phone #.  She reciprocated.  We started texting right away, rapid fire, back and forth.  Questions, concerns, life stuff.  I had a few too many drinks one Friday night, and made a huge leap of faith.  I gave her my real email address, that had my real last name in it.  I told her to Facebook me.  Well, needless to say, she did.  And that’s it, it was on!

We stalked each other’s friends list, pictures and everything.  Wouldn’t you know…hubby works with her husband’s brother!  Oh no…hubby was FREAKED out, to say the least.  “We can’t do this, there’s no way.  I work with his brother, and come to think of it, I’m pretty sure I’ve met him before.  No, I don’t think so.”  But, I was insistent.  I REALLY clicked with her, and I wanted to meet her in person!  So, he relented…we met face to face.  It was fantastic, she’s smart, she’s funny, she’s pretty, and she’s got HUGE breasts and beautiful long hair.  True, she’s a bit bigger than I was initially comfortable with, but, damn…she’s so kinky, I just got right past being slightly upset that she wasn’t the same dress size as me.  So, we talked in a restaurant bar for about 2 hours, and then outside the bar for another 2!  We went home and our hubbies were both asleep.  We were questioned extensively by them, and both of us had positive things to say, so…we decided that Hubby and her should meet.  We “Ran” into her at another restaurant, and ended up getting along well.  Hubby liked her too!  Now, we started chatting together, the 3 of us.  I was finally insistent on meeting her husband.  (At least chatting with him.)  Not really surprisingly, he joined us on our kik conversations, and was very interested in meeting up, all 4 of us.  So, we hashed out a schedule.  We hemmed and hawed about timing, finally settling on a Thursday night, in a small local restaurant for dinner and drinks, and hopefully pleasant conversation.  I started chatting with her husband, knowing virtually nothing about him, I felt the need to at least have an idea of his personality before we met in person.   Did I mention, these kinky folks are totally “normal” folks during the day?  She’s a teacher, he’s a fireman.  (Granted, the teacher thing seems to be a trend, Cookie’s a teacher too!)  The fireman….oooohhh, Please show me a woman who doesn’t appreciate a fireman, and I’ll show you a liar.  So, they are super close in age to us, more kinky than we are, and eagerly looking forward to meeting up for dinner.   Small detail I failed to mention, not only were we planning on playing together, the wives, but we wanted to watch each other with the other’s husband.

Here we go…Kitty and Paul and me and John.  SWOON!!!!