Honey and John and Kitty and Paul, part 2

John is getting his cock expertly sucked by Kitty, and I’m stalking Paul.   Don’t get me wrong, John is a fucking fantastic lover, but this is a different man!  I haven’t fucked a different man since I fucked up all those years ago when I made my terrible mistake.  It was amazing.  Watching John and Kitty together, she was sucking him off in a way I never had before.  I watched as she took just the head in her mouth, her right hand at the base of his cock.    I could watch his face, and see how much he was enjoying it.  “A new mouth”, he said, when she came up for air, “Magic Mouth” she said, and immediately got back to work.  Paul lay back on the bed, looking at me, asking me with his eyes to do the same to him, as Kitty was to John.  I very happily obliged!  His cock was standing at attention, waiting patiently for me to begin my oral assault.  I know that he had been eagerly waiting for me to suck his cock, waiting for me to put my previously bragged about oral skills to work on him.  He wasn’t disappointed.  I was able to get all of his thick, hard cock in my mouth, and was rewarded with a groan of pleasure that made me wet when I heard it.  I had another man’s cock in my mouth, my hubby watching me and moaning in his own pleasure.  This was insane and holy fuck – hot as hell.  Dripping wet, pussy freshly licked, cock in my mouth, the sounds of pleasure all around me.  Oh my GOD, this was amazing!  Again he had a hand in my hair, pulling on it until it was almost painful.  I was so aroused by the differences between these men, I could hardly stand it.  Every second of this was hotter than the last, his hand in my hair, his grunts of pleasure, the “Fuck” that escaped his lips as I took his full length in my mouth, and part way down my throat.  “Honey, stop”, as he pulled on my hair to pull me off his cock while one of my hands caressed his balls.  “Stop, I want to eat that sweet pussy of yours, NOW,” he growled to me.  There was nothing I could do but acquiesce.  He didn’t want me to lay on the bed, he wanted me to straddle his face.  He pulled me up and urged me over his lips.  My hands on the headboard, my teeth clenched, and breath held, I removed his glasses, and placed my knees on either side of his head.  “Oh, FUCK!”  I could hardly stand it; he was so different than Kitty, so different than John.  He was scruffy, rough with almost a 5 o’clock shadow; I was getting my wetness all over his face.  His hands were insistent on my ass, grabbing me, and holding me so I couldn’t move.  He wanted me to cum on his face, he wanted to lick every bit of it from me, eager, insistent.  He was good, incredibly good.  He was different.  He was not them, either of them, and all he wanted was to make me cum for him.  One hand on the headboard, one trying to grasp his short hair, looking down at him, rubbing my clit against his tongue, I was on the verge of cumming all over his face.  It was amazing, I was right there, seconds away from cumming.  Shaking, and moaning with the sheer pleasure of it all.  Both hands on the headboard…I was there, cumming for him.  Head thrown back, hands on the headboard, crying out his name, “YES Paul, fuck, oh god yes Paul”, I couldn’t possibly stop cumming if I wanted to.  At that moment, everything was worth it.  I pulled a little too hard on the headboard, and yanked it off the wall!  Paul almost immediately pushed me off his face, and was like “what the hell just happened?”   I was coming down off an incredibly intense orgasm, and it took me a few seconds to realize what happened, I was immediately apologetic, and hysterical at the same time!  We stopped to take a look at the damage, and counted the anchors that were holding the headboard into the wall, SEVEN.  Seven anchors in the wall.  Not ONE was anchored to a stud.  I came so hard, I pulled the fucking headboard off the wall.  Does shit like this happen in real life?  Laughing and contrite at the same time, I pulled myself down from on top of him, and lay down on the bed, the headboard precariously balanced against the wall.  “Oh God, I can’t believe I just did that!!!”

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