Honey and John and Kitty and Paul, part 3

We laid around for a bit, catching our breath, laughing, hydrating.  I mean, damn…I had just cum so hard and so quickly it was unreal.  John and Kitty were laying entangled on the other bed, and we were all just chatting like normal almost.  Despite the fact that we were naked.  NAKED, in front of virtual strangers.  Paul and Kitty both wear glasses, John has perfect vision and I wear contacts.  I was finally comfortable enough to take my contacts out and put my glasses on.  (Of the Buddy Holly Ray Ban Wayfarer style, black of course!)  Walking naked through that room was empowering.  It was a moment that didn’t mean much until much much later.  At home, I always cover up, hide myself.  Shamefully.  Here I was desired like I never had been before.  Three people all wanted me, all wanted to touch, taste and tease me.  It was incredibly erotic just walking across the room.  I didn’t realize it until weeks later, but that was the moment that I became more comfortable in my own skin, more appreciative of my body and the effect it had on people. Now that I’ve gotten all philosophical, I can get back to the really good bits… Walking back to the bed Paul was on, I laid down next to him, on his left, closest to Kitty and John.  Turned slightly to my side, and watched Kitty and John laying together.  Kitty and I looked at each other, grins evident in our eyes, if not on our lips.  We were SO happy that things were working well!  I was aching to see John fuck her and make her cum again…True to my desires, John started at her neck, and worked his way down her luscious body to her sex.  Wet and wanting him, she spread her legs so he could taste all that she had to offer.  I could see it on her face how much he was pleasing her.  Her head thrown back, her body arched, her hands pinching her own nipples because his were busy playing with her pussy, I was absolutely entranced.  Paul was behind me, laying there.  His cock hard against my ass, one hand clutching my breast, his breath hot in my ear, on my neck.  His other hand loosely at my collar bone, cupping my throat.  I was enranced by this sight, my husband, enjoying another woman.  I could see him whispering in her ear, telling her what he was going to do to her, just like he did with me.  “I’m going to fuck you now, and you’re going to cum as soon as I put my cock in your wet pussy”.  I couldn’t contain myself any longer.  My pussy was dripping, so ready for Paul’s hard cock…I turned my head so he could see my lips and hear my voice.  “Please”, I begged him.  “Please!”  John had slipped his hard member into Kitty’s tight snatch, she was moaning with pleasure.  I was aching for Paul, dying to feel another cock in my wet pussy.  The first time in more than 10 years, and I could feel another cock inside me.  The anticipation was ridiculous.  I was trembling with need, twitching with desire, begging for him to fuck me.  My pussy was clenching before he got his cock to the opening of my sex.  He was ready for me.  I hovered over him, one knee on the bed, one foot on the bed.  Licking the palm of my hand to ensure that he was ready for me, I guided his thick hard cock into my dripping wet pussy. It was almost instantaneous how fast I came around his hard cock.  Watching John fuck Kitty had only heightened my pleasure.  I was in absolute ecstasy.  Watching John with Kitty, while Paul was inside me was incredible.  I couldn’t believe that pleasure what this immense.  I was totally destroyed, bent at the waist, clutching Paul’s shoulders, begging for a break.  He pushed me up by my throat and said, “You’re done when I tell you you’re done”.  And I broke again.  Cumming hard for him, like I do for John.  Shattered into a million pieces, begging Paul to stop, to let me breathe, to let me enjoy.  He finally relented and let me relax against his chest, I was sweating and shaking, so wrapped up in the pleasure I couldn’t even really form a coherent sentence.  I didn’t want it to end, but I couldn’t let it go on.  I cried out “Paul, please, ssshhhh!”  My secret “code” word with John, and miraculously, everything stopped.  We all slowed down, relaxed, and after hearing Kitty cum AGAIN, I was totally content to lay back and let Paul play with me however he wanted to.  Just like John was with Kitty.  Our lives were never going to be the same, and these folks were now a part of the roller coaster that was our  everyday life.  This evening will continue, pleasantly I’m sure!

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