Honey and John and Kitty and Paul!

So, we have all decided to proceed.  After Kitty and I had our night together, it was urgent that we proceed with haste.  We were anxious to spend another evening of pleasure with each other.  We had planned to spend an evening together on a night that nobody had to work the next day, but Paul was unlucky in that respect.  He would have to report to the fire station the next Monday morning, even though we had hoped he could have gotten the day off.

Kitty wanted to meet up and have a bite to eat before we moved over to the hotel, so we met at our neighborhood bar, across the street from the hotel, and had a couple beers and a bite to eat.  Then we proceeded to the room.

All of us were nervous, and still dressed a few minutes later.  The hotel room was hot, the AC wasn’t really working properly.  But, we decided to proceed anyway.  Paul fixed me a very strong bourbon and cola, and himself one.  Kitty had a glass of wine, and John had water.  All nervous, all anxious we were all like kids on a date, wondering who was going to make the first move.  John and I were on one bed, and Kitty and Paul on the other.  Kitty got up to go to the bathroom, and I think that’s when I laid back on the bed with John.  It was so hot in the room, so I decided to remove my shirt.  Paul came over, and asked why I still had my pants on.  So, emboldened with booze, I stood and removed my favorite pair of pants.  They fit like a glove, and I had to shimmy out of them.  Giving the men a bit of a show, I went to lay back on the bed, but I was still wearing my bra and panties.  Paul wouldn’t let me lay down again until I removed them.  Once I did, I laid between two incredibly handsome men, arms back over my head, naked and waiting.

About a second after my arms went up, John took my left nipple in his mouth, and Paul reached up and began pinching and rolling my right between his very large, rough fingers.  They felt so different from what I was used to with John, it was thrilling.  Kitty walked out of the bathroom, naked as well, happy that play time was starting.  I went to sit up and both John and Paul kept me down, Paul adding his mouth to my right nipple, with John still on my left.  Kitty approached the bed, my legs hanging off, and proceeded to run her small, soft hands up the inside of my thighs, slowly spreading my legs, tonguing my belly button and making me giggle.

She was gentle as she takes her first taste of the evening.  I am almost immediately cumming for her.  The sensations are over the top, I can’t think, I can’t articulate anything other than guttural moaning,  I could feel myself shaking, I couldn’t breathe.  Instant orgasam.  She didn’t stop, she took my clit between her lips, and sucked lightly, John and Paul had taken their mouths away, and they were intently watching Kitty, but not neglecting me.  Kitty had her hair pulled back, and since John and Paul had moved, I was free to bring my hands down to her head.  Kneeling in front of me, most of her face concealed, eyes looking up at me with a determined glint, I sat up enough so I could put my hands in her hair.  I didn’t care that it was back, I had to pull it, she loves it so much.  I was rewarded with a little bite that sent me over again.  I think I cried out, but I can’t be sure.  John was kissing me, Paul was urging Kitty to keep up with me, keep me cumming for them all to see and hear.  Hands everywhere, then, unexpectedly John is up off the bed, Kitty stopped sucking on my clit, and I was on the other bed with Paul.

My heart was pounding, and I couldn’t think straight.  I was naked, in the arms of another man, watching my husband caress another woman.  Enjoying the sight that he is presenting to me.  A hand at the small of my back, and a hand in my hair, Paul is insistent with me.  Pulling my hair so my head hangs back, he is SO much taller than I am, even on tiptoe, he has to bend down to bring his lips to mine.  I cannot believe I am participating in this, my mind is totally racing, my pussy is dripping wet, and I am dying to get Paul’s cock in my mouth.  Kitty has gotten John on his back on the bed and I can hear him moaning as she sucks him, a different mouth for the first time in a VERY long time.  It’s almost too much…

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