Shower Time!

So, I make it into the shower with John, and we are going about the business of getting clean.  No touching, no talking, nothing.  I’m a little hurt and confused at this point.  Not really sure what I was expecting, but after what he said to me before I got the kids ready, I was expecting something at least.

I leaned past him, “I need to shave my legs, I’ll be quick”.

“Go ahead, take your time”.

Soaping my scrubbie, with White Citrus body wash, I prop my foot on the corner of the tub, my back to him.  I know he’s behind me, but he’s not moving.  As I pull the razor up my leg from my ankle, I feel him move.  I feel his hand slide up the inside of my leg, his fingers probing into my center.

My hand stops moving, and I hear him speak softly right next to my ear “Don’t stop what you were doing.”  So, I continue, my breathing hitches, and I have to move my hand very carefully so I don’t cut myself.

His fingers find my clit and pinch, then rub gently.  I feel something sliding into my opening, vibrating very slowly.  I know what it is, the magic wand!  Oh boy, this is going to get difficult rather quickly. (I usually cum so hard when this slim curved toy is used.  It has this little hook on the end, and it always hits the right spot.)

I’m bent at the waist, razor in hand, very very carefully shaving my legs.  Left leg first, my pussy is soaked and achy.  My body is shaking ever so slightly, Johns tormenting fingers are driving me mad.  I need to switch legs.

“Don’t forget what you are doing, Honey.”

I switch legs, soaping myself extra slowly because I’m so thoroughly enjoying what is happening.  Right leg, carefully taken care of, and with the last swipe of the razor, I feel John lick up my spine and bite me on my right shoulder.  I can’t take it, the razor drops from my hand, and I’m done in.  I feel his fingers at the base of the toy, and he whispers “Good girl!  You are SO wet, and that pleases me.”

Ever so slowly he fucks me with the magic wand, bringing me closer and closer to the release I need.  His hand moving slowly from my shoulder to my hair, twisting the wet strands around his strong hands, “Cum for me, Honey.  Cum for me NOW!”

I gasp, shuddering my orgasm down my spine, my muscles clenching and contracting, cumming so wonderfully that I can hardly stand.  “That’s my good girl.  Stand up on your toes, I’m going to put my cock in you now, and you’re going to cum again.”

“Yes, Sir” I whisper.  Barely able to get up on my toes, my hands reaching for the towel bar at on the wall so I can steady myself.

I feel him, at my enterance, and he says, right before he slides his thick hard cock into my slippery, throbbing pussy, “How’s MY pussy?”  And he does it again.  I cum for him as he slides into me, and I hear him gasp, and I’m falling over the edge still, farther than before.  “That’s my good girl, keep cumming for me Honey.   Just like that.”

SMACK! On the left.  SMACK! On the right.  Oh my God, I’m delirious, and it feels so good I can’t keep my legs under me.

“Hurry, sir.  Please, please cum with me!  Please, please, please?!”  I’m begging, I need him to cum with me.

“Oh yes”, he grunts, and he stills so I can feel him cum inside me.  This is what feels the best.  This is perfection.  Right here, in my ridiculously yellow out of date bathroom.  This is what I ache for.

Hard to believe that we slowly part, finish showering and manage to get to work on time.  I think we’re going to have to start getting up earlier, just for sexy time.  I keep going to work with curly hair, and a couple of my work friends aren’t accepting that “the bus was late picking up the kids” as my excuse for not doing my hair anymore.  I can get away with less make up, but frizzy, curly hair is not my favorite way to look!

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