This Weekend

Oh Wow!  What a weekend I’ve had!  Not one thing has gone according to plan, but I’m not really complaining.  Friday morning, before the alarm even rang once, John and I were up.  We were snuggling, as we had both fallen asleep naked after wonderful orgasms the night before.  My head on his chest, I feel him shift a little.  He lays something on my backside, and tells me “You don’t get my cock until you have come for me, Honey”.  Instantly I’m wet, and I feel the cold smooth toy on my ass, I know which one it is.  It’s perfectly smooth, and curved nicely, I had bought it for him to use on me, because it’s a Chili Pepper shape and I know he loves hot and spicy peppers, heehee!   I absolutely love when John tells me what to do.  It’s incredibly exciting to me that he knows exactly what I need before I do.  So, chili pepper in hand, I roll onto my back, scooting up on the bed so my head is against the headboard, and my knees are bent, legs spread as wide as I can get them.  John has moved with me, and is watching me intently, licking his lips as he reaches over to pinch my already hard nipples.  Of course, the pepper glides into my slick pussy easily, as I knew it would.  Hearing John talk to me like that always makes me wet.  There is no doubt I will do exactly as he says while he watches, and I will enjoy every single second of it.  It’s cold, not having been warmed up first, but god does it feel good.  I have to force myself to move slowly, because I feel the need to cum already.  John whispering in my ear, “Make my pussy nice and wet for me”.  I almost can’t stand it.  I feel my first orgasm coming on, my heart pounding, a moan held back, turned into panting.  The pepper has a little handle on the end, and I use it to turn the pepper inside of me, sending incredibly sharp points of pleasure through me.  Turning faster, I hear John as if from a distance “Oh yes, Honey.  Cum for me now!”  And I do, the wetness of my orgasm coating the pepper.  I’m lost in the sensations, smooth and hard, warmed now by my body, slick to the point that I can barely hold on to it, I remove it slowly, still contracting around it, and I lick my juices off.  Calming down, my breath slowing, I feel John take my left nipple into this mouth, biting ever so softly, the right one pinched tightly, sending a spark directly to my pussy, making me moan with pleasure.  “Good girl, Honey.  You came so good for me; I want you to do it again.”Laying the pepper between my breasts, I reach down with my right hand, but John stops me.   He takes my hand, and pulls me to him, arms around me holding me tightly.  It’s time to get up and start our day, and neither of us wants to.   He whispers in my ear that I am to get the kids ready for school, lunches made and return upstairs once they are on the bus.  “I’ll be in the shower, and you will join me.”  I was really hoping that I would get to cum again before I had to face my morning, but I do as John says.  Kids are ready, lunches are made, Coffee is fixed and they are out the door.   I anxiously climb the stairs, wondering what he has in mind for shower time.  It’s usually incredible, and ordinarily we start things in the shower, and finish in the bed.  This time, it’s sort of backwards!

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