Honey, Ellie & John!

So, I have met some truly spectacular people, and recently, an opportunity presented itself. Ellie had recently broken up with a gentleman who shall remain nameless. He wasn’t the best of guys, and he didn’t treat her with the respect that she deserved. Now, she and I have been friends for a while, and she knows about John and I. So when she came to me, I didn’t realize at first that she was kind of propositioning us.

It started over drinks after work one night. She invited me so I could hear all about what had happened between her and the nameless. They had been dating for a while, and although Ellie is a conservative woman, she’s not a prude. She chooses very carefully who is worthy to share her bed. She’s very particular, and not everyone makes the cut. This one didn’t make the cut. Not to say they didn’t have a good time, but the deed was never done.

So, she starts telling me about what their encounters were like, and I was shocked! Now, granted, I’ve been with John a very long time, I have apparently been INCREDIBLY lucky with the choices we have made in play partners. Ellie started telling me about her experience with him, and I could have cried. He was so cold!

She told me about the last time they were intimate, and it was heart breaking! Needless to say, our discussion was quite intense, and I did my best to turn it playful, and I succeeded rather quickly.

“Ellie, I seriously doubt that your oral skills are lacking, I just think your last boyfriend was unappreciative and selfish.” I told her with surety.

“I just don’t know Honey. He never seemed to really enjoy himself. I mean, it seemed like I was never good enough for him to really enjoy it.”

“Well, I think you need to demonstrate your skills for me so I can tell for sure. I mean, if you want to be good, and keep your man happy, you have to know how to enjoy giving head. It’s not all about him you know. I LOVE sucking John’s cock, and it makes me wet knowing he likes what I’m doing. If he never said anything, or only told me what I was doing wrong, I would have stopped trying a long time ago.”

Ellie was bright red, and practically hyperventilating at this point. She shifted in her seat and looked at me, her eyes sparkling, “Would you be there to help me if I was doing something wrong?”

“Oh, yes! I would love to help you improve your techniques! Would you mind terribly if John was your guinea pig?”

“You wouldn’t mind me practicing on John, Honey? I mean, I know you guys are more open than others, but I just want to make sure you would be OK with it.”

“Ellie, do you have any idea how hot it would be for me to watch John fuck that pretty mouth of yours?” I heard her intake of breath, and watched her nipples harden through the silky red blouse she was wearing. I knew then that we were going to have a lovely evening.

“I have some requests, Honey, if you don’t mind.” Ellie said shakily. She was so nervous, the poor thing!

“Of course! This is all about trust and mutual satisfaction. We would never press you to do something you were uncomfortable with. You are in control the whole time, and all we want to do is help.”

“Honey, I want to have fun playing but this is a hard limit for me. I have a rule that there is no penetration unless there is mutual love, and…”

“Say no more. It’s 100% understood. Anything else goes, right? No restrictions on what else we do, right?”

Ellie relaxed visibly, and smiled slightly shaking her head. “I can’t believe we are going to do this. Did you have time tonight, or should we…”

“Let’s go, right now! My friend took all 4 kids home with her tonight, so we will be alone. I’ll text John and let him know, so it’s not a total shock when we both walk into the house.”

Oh boy! This is going to be so much fun! I’m going to teach this delicious woman how to suck cock, and I get to do something I’ve been dying to do for ages! (I’m totally going to make that perfect ass of hers nice and red! I can’t wait!)

“John! We’re home!!!” I sing-song as I waltz through the door, with Ellie trailing behind me.

“Mmmm, looks like you brought home a tasty treat, Honey. I can’t wait to unwrap it…”

Ellie and I both giggled, as I grabbed her hand to bring her to the couch. I knew she was nervous, but I also knew how badly she wanted to try this. As I sat next to her on the couch, I put my arm around her shoulder, I placed one hand on the thigh and started working my way up. John was sitting on a dining room chair, watching the two of us intently. I could see the lust in his eyes. He licked his lips and nodded slowly, imploring me to make Ellie more at ease.

I felt her shoulders relax, and her breathing became more steady as she watched the silent conversation between John and I. She wanted to get started, I could tell. As my hand made it’s way up her thigh, she ever so slightly spread her legs to allow me to cup her mound through the tight black pants she wore.

John stood up and approached us, and put one hand on the back of each of our heads. “Look at me, I need to see your faces.”

We both looked up at John, flushed with anticipation. Waiting for what was going to come next.

“Ok Ellie, let’s see what you can do for John.”

Her hands were trembling when she knelt in front of him, and I gathered her hair, to keep it out of her face. John was eager to get started, and I could tell he was anxious. How many hot sexy young women did I bring home on a regular basis?

(Wait, don’t answer that…I bring women home all the time. I am a dirty, dirty girl, and I love to watch my hubby with other women.)

“It’s OK baby. I’m ready for you. See?”

John’s cock was standing at attention eagerly waiting for Ellie to begin. I sat back, waiting to enjoy the show. She gingerly pulled his cock free and licked her lips in anticipation.

John moaned in appreciation as her hands wrapped around his cock. Ellie is nervous, and trembling slightly so I grip her hair a little more firmly, and pull just a little bit. Her breath hitches again, and I whisper in her ear “Open your mouth and show me what you are going to do, little one.”

“Yes, ma’am”, she replies and licks her lips once again. John’s cock twitches in anticipation as she leans forward and very slowly licks the tip from underneath.

“oohhhh, tell me you’re going to keep going Ellie?” John teases her playfully. She smiles, and gets even more comfortable with the situation. Her right hand is wrapped around his cock, and her left hand runs up his thigh and cups his balls. She opens her mouth further, and begins licking all around the tip of his cock.

“Good Girl!” My hand is still in her hair, and I’m going to make her take his entire cock in that pretty mouth in just a minute. I’ve slipped off my top, and the flowy skirt I’m wearing is pooled in my lap.

“Ellie, take your top off sweetie.” She responds by squeaking, but she complies. I kiss her shoulder, and run my fingers gently up and down her back. Goose bumps pop up, and I plunge my hand into her hair again. “Open your mouth and get ready to take that cock down your throat.”

John is ready for this, and his hands join mine at the back of her head. He grips her hair, and slowly brings her head closer, and thrusting his hips, pushes just the tip of his cock into her eager mouth.

Her shoulders tighten as his cock slips in her eager mouth. She closes her eyes in appreciation as he pulls her head closer to him, pushing himself into her.

John’s cock is all the way in her mouth. He pulls her closer, and I run my hands down her back. She’s choking and trying to pull back. He allows her to pull back to catch her breath. Just for a second.

“Ellie, you need to get up on your knees.” I said. She pulled her mouth off John’s cock, and looked at me with a question on her face.

She wasn’t moving fast enough for me, so I spanked her. She squeaked, and shuddered. She got up on her knees, and did what she was told.

“Good girl. Now, remove those slacks for me.”

She was confused, but I reminded her that nothing happened without her permission, and that John wasn’t going to be fucking her. The pants gone, and just her pretty blue flowered cotton bikins, I admired that spectacular ass of hers.

“Get your mouth back on my husband’s cock Ellie. NOW!” I growled at her. Smacking that perfect ass again.

“Yes, Honey!” She wimpered.

I admired her from behind, one hand on her ass, one rubbing her back. She was a delicious specimen of a woman, holy FUCK. I wanted to taste her!

Mind focused! Teach her how to suck cock. Right. Mmmm, fuck, this is making me wet! I can’t help it, I love watching my hubby get pleased, especially when I can help! It’s just so much more fun when I can show someone what to do to make it feel good.

Ok. Ok. Ok.


“Ellie, listen to me. Don’t stop what you are doing, but, I’m going to show you how to make a John cum for you. And you are going to take it, you hear me?”

I watch John’s cock pop out from between her lips, and she turns and looks at me, all innocent…”Yes, Honey!”

I slide my hand down to her pretty, tight little pussy, and as I expected, it’s dripping wet for me.

Rubbing her slit, I slide my middle finger between her lips, never entering her, but gathering her wetness and bringing it to my lips.

God, she tastes divine! Like Mangoes and honey…delicious!

I pulled my hands away from her pussy reluctantly, lick my fingers and place my hands on her shoulders. (God, I can’t tell you how difficult it was for me not to flip her over and lick her delicious pussy until her cum was dripping all over my face!)

I kneeled behind her, my hands first on her shoulders, then one in her hair. She was a quick study, and was worshiping John’s cock *almost* as well as I would. She was a natural!

Drooling, her eyes watering, I pushed her head down on his cock. She took every bit of him down her throat! What a good girl!

She reached for my hand at one point, John’s hips thrusting, my hands holding her in position…I grabbed both her hands, and held them behind her back. She looked so beautiful getting her mouth fucked by John. I let her hands go, and watched her bring her hands up to his thighs, and watched her instinctively bring her right hand up to cup John’s balls. She was a natural, and I was delighted watching her please my John.

I could see John getting ready to cum, and I said to her, “don’t swallow that. I want to taste him from your lips.”

She moaned, and I watched her nipples harden at the thought. I held her head with both hands, just as John came in her mouth, his hands and mine tangled in her beautiful brown hair. I pulled one hand away, and reached between her thighs, feeling her opening clench as John came in her mouth.

I pulled her to me as John finished, and she closed her eyes and offered her mouth to me.

Oh. My. God. Fucking HOT!

Tasting my hubby’s cum out of another woman’s mouth! I felt her hands on my shoulders slide down my body, her left hand pinched my nipple, and her right hand kept sliding down my body until it reached my dripping wet pussy.

Her lips opened for me, to give me John’s cum as two slender fingers probed my slit, just playing. Both of us gave over to the need to touch, up until John pushed us apart, his face the picture of satisfaction.

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