Meeting Michael

Having been single for almost a year now, I was starting to get a little anxious, and really lonely…

I was back on Whisper, a secret sharing app, just scrolling one day, and ran across a random post that seemed innocent enough.  “Bored at work, Women 35+ let’s chat”  So, I clicked on the chat icon, and started talking.

At first it was pretty basic, stuff.  What type of work we both did, are you married, kids, yadda, yadda, yadda.  His name is Michael, and he’s a web developer not that far from me.


Of course, we got around to talking about since we were both single, what we liked to do for fun.  He plays guitar, I like to read.  We have similar tastes in music, and wildly different taste in movies and food.  But, overall I thought we were getting along pretty well, so I asked to exchange numbers, so we could text regularly, rather than the cumbersome way you can text through the app.  He agreed, and we began texting for real.

Well, of course, being me, and how fucking horny I am ALL THE TIME…we gravitated towards some pretty racy subjects.  We quickly realized that we shared a kink…well, several actually. (holy crap…he’s into spanking and bondage, exhibitionism, and D/s…is it possible I’ve hit the sexual jackpot and could possibly have found someone to get kinky with on the reg?)

He very quickly took control of the chat, upon finding out that I was wearing a dress that day, he told me to spread my legs wide under my desk, and pull my panites to the side to expose my wet pussy to the cool office air.

“I’m so wet, Michael.”

“Good girl.  quickly now, touch yourself and taste it.  Tell me how you taste, Honey.”

Fuck. Me.  That was hot. All this while at my desk, and I complied like a good girl should.

He told me how much he wanted to be between my legs, rubbing my pussy, and eventually sucking on my clit while he fingered me until I came all over his hand.  He was quite descriptive in what he wanted of me.  And all of it was geared towards making me cum.

It was a pleasant distraction at work that day, but I was feeling REALLY naughty, so I offered to up the stakes a bit.

“Should I remove my panties for the walk through the shop to my car?”

“You shouldn’t have to ask…Yes, Honey, remove your panties and be sure and make eye contact with at least one man walking through the shop.  Let them see in your eyes what a naughty little slut you are.”

“Yes Michael, and it won’t be hard to engage with at least one man, odds are it’ll be closer to a dozen, Second shift is in now, and I was on second for almost 2 years.  Still good friends with a lot of the guys.”

“mmm, good.  Let me know when you’re in your car.  I want you to do something for me on the drive home.”

I made it through the plant, making eye contact with at least 10 men, and had a chat with one of them who was driving a forklift.

“Whew.  I’m at the car.  Ready for the drive home.  God, I’m so fucking wet Michael!”

“Good girl.  Pull your dress up high on your thighs and show me.”

Gulp…oh boy.  Driving down the highway with my bare pussy exposed, there’s a TON of trucks on the road this time of the day.  But, I was so turned on I did as he asked.  I was praised for following directions, which, damn…It’s been WAY too long since I’ve followed directions.  I miss it terribly.

I was rewarded with a picture of his very hard cock, and I swear my mouth started to water at the sight of it.

He is very playful, and I enjoy talking with him.  He had plans that night with a friend, but we texted off and on throughout the evening.

“Honey, I have a request to make.”

“What is it Michael?”

“Don’t wear panties to work tomorrow, and I want a picture of your outfit before you leave the house”.

Holy shit.  I’d NEVER not worn panties to work ALL DAY.  I mean, I’d been a little naughty, and taken them off before going to lunch, but always put them back on when I returned.  This was new ground for me.  But, holy shit, the thought was making me really hot.

“I’ve never done that before…I’m going to have to make sure I wear a dark skirt tomorrow so nobody can tell I’m not wearing panties.  Especially since I’m sure I’ll be wet and creamy all day long.”

“Yes Honey, you will be wet all day long, because I’m going to tease you all day, you naughty little thing!”

“Yes Michael, I’ll skip the panties tomorrow, and it sure will make for an interesting day!”

Dang, here it was the first day we start talking and already he’s pushing my boundaries.  I know it’s something I needed, but I forgot how MUCH I missed being pushed.  Since John and I split up, it’s been just me.  A few sexual encounters with a friend, but no steady outlet to really keep me on a slow burn like this.  I really hope this ends up working out, because I think it’s high time I got to have a little fun.

I’m nervous about not wearing panties to work tomorrow, but FAR too excited to chicken out and wear them.  Maybe I can take this from online to in person?  Wouldn’t that be awesome…someone to be kinky with…I could handle that!

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