Jerry Spends the Night

So, even though I was my awkward, goofy, chubby self with him, Jerry wanted to see me again.  He actually texted me the next day!  And we talked, about inconsequential things.  Not just about how much I liked his dick in my mouth. 

After our first encounter, I wasn’t expecting him to be interested in another.  I know what I am, what I look like, and all that.  I’m not a fucking model, nor am I a seductress of epic proportions, but he kept talking to me.  OK.  Good, nice guy points earned.  The interest seems genuine, even if he told me he wasn’t looking for anything “serious”.  (which, truth be told, I’m not either.  Fun is fun, right?   After Salvatore, I’m not looking to be controlled or hindered in my everyday friendships!)  I may have to spill the beans about Salvatore in another post, but for now, just know…I like a man to tell me what to do when his dick is inside me, but other than that…fuck no. 


We talked, and I divulged to him my fantasy about being restrained.  And the little nugget that I actually had restraints that had never been used.  We’d talked about some of the toys I had, and damn…I wanted him to use them on me.  Especially after he told me he was going to tie me up, and make me beg him to fuck me.  He wanted to use ALL my toys on me. 

So, we made plans for him to come over.  I was nervous, but nearly as much as the first time he came over.  I knew what to expect, and I was looking forward to having this fantasy become a reality. 

He didn’t make it over until around 11pm, I think, and before you judge…I had arranged my son to spend the night with a friend, so Jerry could spend the night as well. 

I had on a cute pink dress, with matching red bra and panties on underneath, and he had on jeans and a t-shirt.  Man, can he wear the hell out of a pair of jeans.  I had all my toys laid out on the bed, along with the restraints when he arrived.  But we didn’t get down to business right away.  We laid on my bed and talked for a bit first. 

“I’m really glad you came over tonight.” 

“I am too”, he said. 

And I grabbed the font of his shirt and pulled him to me and kissed him.  His lips are pouty and full, just begging to be kissed and sucked on.  We started kind of slow, and he got me out of my dress rather quickly.  I took off my bra and panties, and he got up off the bed and grabbed the restraints.  He started with my wrists, fastening the straps around my wrists, snugly.  My ankles were next, and those were actually a little tight.  I relaxed as soon as he was done.  He moved to my left, and secured my wrist to the headboard.  Holy shit.  I liked this.  And he wasn’t even done yet.  He moved around the other side of the bed, and secured my right wrist.  Oh, my.  He moved to the foot of the bed, and tried to secure my left foot, but I needed to scoot down further on the bed.  We both giggled at that actually.  Have YOU ever tried to scoot down on the bed when your arms are spread eagle and you’re so fucking nervous it’s hard to breathe?  Me either.  This was a first. 

I scooted down, and he got my legs secured.  I must say, it felt incredible.  Here I am, spread eagle on my bed, with a man I hardly know looking at me like he wants to devour me.  Fuck. Me.  Have I mentioned he’s got these gorgeous brown eyes, the color is dark and light at the same time, like he can see right into my depraved little mind? 

He climbed up on the bed, and kissed me, and it was so hard not being able to touch him!  He sucked my bottom lip into his mouth, and moaned, just a little bit.  His hand moving to my nipple, and pinching it.  He moved his mouth down my throat, kissing along the way, until he reached my other nipple, biting while pinching the other one until I was moaning and trying to arch further up off the bed.  He pulled the nipple clamps off the bed where they were waiting for him to use on me.  Now, I’ve put the clamps on myself, just to feel what they are like, but never had anyone put them on me before.  It’s an entirely different experience.  He was just as nervous as I was, it seems…his hands were steady, but I could tell he was nervous, just the same. 

The clamps were on, and god, it felt good.  He maneuvered so I could take him into my mouth, and Jesus, did it feel good taking him in my mouth.  One hand in my hair, and one hand on my pussy, rubbing my clit roughly.  I could’ve cum right then, but not yet.  He fucked my mouth briefly, making me want more, and pulled away from me.  Moving down to the end of the bed, he positioned himself so he was between my legs, “mmmm, mmm, mmm”, he said as he lowered himself down to taste me. 

Good lord, that man can do things with his mouth that should be illegal.  Holy fuck.   I forgot that I was supposed to be self-conscious of my belly, and my stretch marks, my scars, myself.  I forgot that I was tied to the bed, and I just reveled in this gorgeous man between my legs.  He was relentless.  He licked and sucked and bit, and just fucking enjoyed what was laid out before him.  I know he wanted me to cum for him, and I obliged.  There is nothing hotter than cumming for someone that appreciates your orgasm.  FUCK!  

There’s a toy…I can feel it.  Pressing against my ass.  Oh fuck…NONONO!  Is what my brain is screaming to me, but my body is relaxing.  It’s cold, and unforgiving, I’m not sure which one it is, but he did tell me he was going to use ALL my toys on me while he had me tied up and at his mercy. 

He sucked my clit into his mouth again, and I called out his name, screamed it really…”JERRY!  Please, please…please” And I could feel him smiling, even though I was squeezing my eyes tight, my arms pulling at the straps, my legs bouncing on the bed, trying to pull against the straps.  I’m panting, and begging, and it feels so fucking good.  I can hardly stand it. 

“Jerry, please…please fuck me.”  He pulled on the clamps and I screamed, wordlessly trying to convey the need I felt to have his cock inside me. 

Finally he obliged, the toy still my ass, and he had another in his hands.  He switched it on, and laid it against my clit, where this mouth had just been.  I could feel his cock at my entrance, but he wouldn’t enter me just yet.  Jesus, my legs are shaking, and he’s pulling on the clamps again, and the vibrator is on high, and I’m fucking cumming again.  He’s moving the toy in my ass, and the vibrator moves from my clit to my entrance, and he’s fucking me with it. 

The sensation is overwhelming, and I’m moaning, and bucking my hips, trying to bend my knees to lessen the onslaught of sensation.  But, I can’t.  I’m helplessly spread eagle on my bed, can’t move enough to stop anything.  And Jerry is enjoying every second of my helplessness.  Thank God he’s not making me count my orgasms, I recall thinking to myself as I slowly started coming down from the feelings. 

Not that I am able to relax at all, mind you, because as soon as he removed the toy from my pussy, he put his cock inside me.  I know toys are awesome, but nothing feels nearly as good as a hot, hard cock inside my wet pussy.  He’s slow, and it feels so good, I know he’s talking but I can’t concentrate on what he’s saying. 

He moves away from me, and him pulling his cock out leaves me breathless.  I want more.  I’m not disappointed for long. 

He gets off the bed, releasing the straps from the end of the bed, but leaving the cuffs around my ankles.  He did not, however, remove the straps from around the head board. 

“Scoot up.  You know what’s next.”  Jerry says, after a few minutes of letting me catch my breath. 

Oh. Fuck. 

I scootch up the bed, my wrists still tied to the headboard, but my jelly like legs free to help me scoot up.  The unforgiving toy that has been in my ass this whole time, slides out, and I realize it’s the glass chili pepper.  Oops!  It doesn’t faze him in the least.  

He takes my left leg, and ties the strap in the same location as the one attached to my wrist.  My right leg comes next, and now I’m truly bound and totally open to whatever he wishes to do with me.  There’s absolutely no escape.  Fuck.  I like this.  A whole lot more than I ever thought I would.  I mean, you think about things, and imagine how they will feel, but doing them is immeasurably different. 

He starts with another toy.  The steel plug I think, in my ass.  I relax into it, and he shoves his cock back into my pussy.  The immobility is at the same time distracting, but not.  It’s incredibly difficult to explain.  It’s distracting, but adding to everything all at the same time.  I feel the bite of the restrains, and I feel my legs stretching into positions they NEVER go into on their own, but because I am absolutely NOT in control, I’m that much more able to just…let go and feel.  And the feelings are incredibly intense.  My eyes are wide open, and I’m panting, there’s a sheen of sweat on my body.  (I’ve read that statement in countless stories and books, but never understood what it meant.  I am sweating without being able to fucking move)    The clamps are still in place, but I can’t really feel them anymore.   I’m totally, absolutely, 100% at Jerry’s mercy. 

I can’t see.  My glasses are fogged up, and dirty.  He removes them from my face when I tell him, and cleans them. 

What the actual fuck?   He doesn’t need to be this nice.  Fuck.  I’m screwed.  

“Jerry….Jerry, please!” 

“What’s that?”

“Jerry, please I need you to fuck me again, Please!”

“Oh, not quite yet.”  And he pulls out another toy.  The plug is still in my ass, and he presses a big black vibrator right on my clit. 

“Oh!  FUUUUCCCKKK!”  Jesus Christ this feels good.  So fucking good, I’m going to cum again. 

“Jerry, I’m cumming again,  oh fuck, I’m cumming!!!!!” 

And he doesn’t let up with the vibrator.  He keeps it right on my clit as I try my damnedest to wriggle away.  He just holds it there.  I am cumming so hard it almost hurts.  There are tears in my eyes. 

I feel another toy pressing against my soaking went cunt, and he shoves it fully inside me.  No vibrating that I can feel.  I do feel him remove the plug from my ass, and replace it with his cock.  He pulls the dildo out of my pussy, and starts fucking my ass.  The vibrator is still on my clit, fuck…this is incredible.  So intense. 

“Jerry…I’m gonna fucking cum again!  Jerry, oh my god…Jerry!” 

He keeps the vibrator on my clit, his cock in my ass, and starts fucking me with the dildo again. 

“how does that feel?  Do you like that?  Hmmm?  Feeling full?”

“yes, ohmygodyesitfeelssofuckinggood.”  I scream, wordlessly. 

He leans into me, everything pressing on me harder, and feeling tighter, one hand comes up and pulls on the clamps, I’m screaming. 

Just screaming with pleasure. 

I can’t take it anymore. 

“Stop, please Jerry…Please stop.” I pant harshly. 

He almost doesn’t.  but I feel the vibrator removed from my clit, and he gently removes the clamps from my nipples.  Leaning over again to suck them so they don’t hurt as much. 

He removes the dildo from my pussy, and finally his cock from my ass. 

“I almost didn’t stop you know.” 

“I know.  I just, couldn’t take it anymore.  It was too much!”

“I know.  I liked having you at my mercy, Honey.”

Mind you, I’m still tied up at this point.  He gently cleans me up a little, moves all the toys out of the way, and releases the Velcro strap around my left, then right sides.  I can’t move.  I am like a big bowl of jello.  But he’s not done with me yet.  I take a drink of water, that I put next to the bed. 

“Thirsty?  You’re sweating”, he says. 

“Yeah, that was a lot.” 

“I know.” 

We rest for a few minutes.  Not very long, it’s got to be close to 1 or 2 in the morning.  I have no idea. 

“Alright.  Up on all fours.  I’m still not done with you yet.” He gets off the bed, and stands next to it.  Mmmm, damn!

I get up on all fours, getting ready  to suck his cock again, he pulls my hair back in his hand, and shoves his cock in my mouth, gagging me with it.  That feels so good.  I gag harder, and he abruptly pulls away. 

“Don’t move.  Stay just like that.”  So of course, I do. 

I feel him get up behind me on the bed, and feel his cock at my asshole again.  Oh….I’m gonna be sore tomorrow!
I feel him press into me, and I involuntarily sink my head lower onto the bed, turning my face to the side.
  My arms reaching out in front of me.  Gripping the blanket tight. 

“Oh…that’s nice.”  He says, pushing the hair off my face.  He puts a vibrator in my hand, leans into me and says “Fuck your pussy while I fuck your ass, and I want you to cum for me again.” 

Holy fuck. 

I do as I’m told.  I’m fucking myself with a big, fat vibrator, and he is fucking my asshole like he’s going to cum…jesus this feels amazing. 

“Jerry…I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum again!!!!!”  And I turn my face into the bed, screaming, and cumming around the vibrator in my pussy and his cock in my ass. 

Jerry goes still, and I am clamped down hard around his cock, I pull the vibrator from my pussy, and I feel him cum in my tight asshole.  Grunting his release.  He smacks both sides of my ass at the same time, and very slowly pulls out of me.  I can’t move.  I feel the towel come up between my legs, and he gently cleans me up. 

I can move, and do.  Finally.  Getting some water, I get up off the bed, and ask Jerry if he would like some.  So I get him some.  I come back into the bedroom, and he’s gathered up all the toys, so I take them to the kitchen to clean.  I’m still naked, by the way. 

I put on a t-shirt, and he pulls on his boxers, and we lay down in bed.  I’m sore all over, but I feel amazing.  Eventually, I hear him begin snoring, and I drift off not soon after. 

It was an amazing evening, one I hope to repeat at some point, but we’ll have to see.  I could use some snuggles, but beggars can’t be choosers, so I’m content and drift off to sleep as well.

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