Movie Theater Fun!

A couple of weeks ago, Ghostbusters was playing in the theaters for the 30th anniversary.  So, after a Zumba class one Thursday night, we decided to go.

It was a cool evening, and by the time we got to the theater, it was almost 10 pm.  I had been across town at a Zumba class with a friend, and John had been at home with the kids.  It was a last minute decision, so we just decided to meet at the theater.

I met John there, and we got popcorn, and a drink.  Settled in to watch a classic movie, and have  a quiet evening out, before heading home for bed.

Now, I know that this is going to sound absolutely crazy, but despite how much I like to share about our escapades, I’m not much of a true exhibitionist in real life.  I have always fantasized about having sex in a public place, but never have really gotten the opportunity.  That was changed totally in that movie theater.

We managed to make it through almost the whole movie, before I finally turned to John and asked him if he’d be down for some head in the theater.  Now, I’m looking around, and I realize there are only maybe 4 other people in the movie theater.  And we are about ¾ of the way up the theater seating area, and it’s a stadium style so, we can look down on the people below us, but they would have a hard time seeing us.  There’s nobody behind us, and I don’t think that they staff the projector room anymore, considering it’s all digital now.

He looks at me, wide-eyed, and nods slowly.  He unzips his pants and pulls his cock out, already half hard just thinking about what I’m going to do.  I raise the arm rest up, and begin my work.  I love the way he tastes!

Wrapping my hand around the base of his cock, I lick up his shaft, from my hand to the tip, swirling my tongue around the head.  I can feel him hardening in my hand, as I slowly take him fully into my mouth.  One of his hands is rubbing my back, and the other is on my neck, squeezing gently.  He pushes me to take all of him, and I do.  Every inch.  He holds me down on him by the neck, and rocks his hips slowly, fucking my throat.  No gagging tonight, just a low moan and a twitch when I can’t hold my breath anymore.  He releases his hold on the back of my neck, and I begin to bob my head up and down, my hand still at the base of his cock, I squeeze  just like he likes it.  I hear the sharp intake of breath, and I feel him twitch in my mouth.  There’s his hand again, this time pulling on the ponytail my hair is in.  I let him guide me, and he pulls my head up until I have just the head of his wonderful cock in my mouth.  I lick his most sensitive spots with my tongue, flicking lightly, teasing him.  He moans quietly in pleasure, and pulls hard on my hair, forcing me to look up at him.

“Damn it woman, I need to be inside you, right now.”

Needless to say, I’m shaking with anticipation.  I never really understood how hot the threat of getting caught was.  Not really dressed in the best attire for movie theater sex, I didn’t really care.  I pulled down my yoga pants just enough so that I could ride his cock while still enjoying the show.  Dripping wet, he slid easily into my pussy, and the thrill of it all had me cumming quickly.  Just a few rocks of my hips, and I came for him.  My hands holding me up on the armrests of the seats, John’s hands on my hips, FUCK!  This is incredibly hot!

The people in front of us had no idea what I was doing as I rode Johns hard cock.

I’ve learned over the course of the last year how to have a virtually silent orgasm.  But this experience was pushing the limits on what I could take.  I felt like I was going to scream, and just as I released the breath I held against the scream, John’s hand was at my throat.  Pulling me back against his chest so he could whisper in my ear, “Sssshhhh, it’s Ok Honey.  Sssshh, stop now, we are going to finish this at home where I can fuck you properly.  Cover up and take your seat before I stand you up and bend you over the seat in front of us and fuck you hard enough that everyone in the theater will know what we are doing.”

I do as he says, my legs feeling like jelly, and sitting down next to him, I sign in contentment.  Just a few minutes left in the movie, my breathing returning to normal, I look over at him, and I have no idea how he can keep it together.  So calm and collected all the time.  He’s a rock.  (Not just rock hard, hardee har har)

I whisper to him, “I love you John.”

“Such a good girl.  I love you too, Honey.”