Just A Typical Morning at Home

Breakfast was done, and John and I were getting ready for the day.  I was feeling awfully daring, no pantyhose today, I was wearing the sexy nude seamed stockings (the traditional kind that require a garter belt) and a slim black pencil skirt.  I had just finished pulling down my skirt when John walked in, and took one look at me and grinned.

“Honey, you look amazing!  Turn around.  Let me see you”

I turned around, and he pushed me towards the bed.  Bending me over the bed, he pulls up my skirt.

I turn my head to look at him, and he spanked me, “Don’t move!  Don’t look at me until I say you can.”

I’m quivering at this point.  I love when he gets demanding with me!

He growls in appreciation, “Good girl.  Do as you’re told.”  He alternates between each cheek, spanking harder until I’m moaning and my ass is bright red.  He rubs roughly after each spank, whispering to me the whole time.

My pussy is clenching, and beginning to drip for him.  I’ve got on cheeky panties, and a garter belt.  I expected him to strip me of them after the spanking, but what he does is begin to rub my slit through the grey satin, feeling my desire though them.

“Mmmmm, that’s a good girl, you know I like your pussy wet.  You’re ready to cum already, aren’t you?  What a good little slut you are.”

I can hear the amusement in his voice, he’s enjoying himself immensely.  I love hearing him talk to me like this.  His hand continues to rub my slit through the panties, getting devastatingly close to my clit, but never actually touching it.  How I’ve managed to stay still through all of this is beyond me.

I’m wordlessly moaning, and I begin to squirm a little, unable to control myself.  “Please, please?”

“Please what?”

“Please will you make me cum?  Please?”

I’m panting, and held down on the bed.  My ass in the air, my panties are now very wet, and John is still fully dressed, and still rubbing my pussy.  I’m aching to cum, but he won’t let me yet.

“When do you get to cum Honey?”

“Only when you say I can, John.  Please, please!”

“That’s right.  You cum when I say you can.  Now be my good girl, and just lie there and let me play with you for a little bit.  I’m enjoying my little slut this morning.  And I’m not done with you yet.”

I gasp as he moves my panties, and slides his finger along my bare pussy.  Teasing me, I’m so close to cumming, and he knows it.  I hear him giggle, and moan in appreciation.  He slips one finger inside me, and I feel his other hand slide up my back, and grip my neck.

“Good girl.  Hold back.  NO cumming yet.”

“Please please please please.”  I’m panting, my legs are beginning to shake.  My hands are clenching over and over in the blanket.  I’m on the verge of screaming, my body trying hard to peak.

One spank on each cheek, hard.  “Sssshhhh, stop moving!  You will cum when I tell you to, and not until then.  Now be still and take it like a good girl.”

“Yes, John.”

He has succeeded in calming me down a little bit, but his fingers never left my pussy.  He adds two and  now three fingers begin to slip in and out of my dripping hole.  His thumb is lightly teasing my asshole, and I begin to whimper.

“Please!  Please!”

“Not yet.  You can cum when I shove my hard cock in your dripping wet hole, Honey.”

Oh God!  I feel him begin to pull his fingers back, and I hear the zipper of his pants go down.  Its been less than 5 minutes, and he’s got me ready to cum.  I swear, this man could make me cum just by telling me to!

“Are you ready to cum for me Honey?”

“Yes John, please!!!”

“Good girls cum hard Honey.”

His hand is in my hair again, gripping and holding me down at the same time.  His other hand still between my lips, pinching my clit.  Oh god…I’m so close, I can’t stand it.

He slowly pulls his hand away from my pussy, and I feel his cock at my opening.  He slowly pushes his way inside me, every inch is delicious torture.  “Not yet, not yet.”

Ever so slowly he plunges into me, never quite hard enough.  Right at that edge of cumming, so close but not there.  He is so good at keeping me right there, never bringing me over the edge.

His hand in my hair, he pulls my head up, the other hand on my shoulder moves to my neck, and squeezes.  I hear him whisper as he pulls back, “almost time”

I can’t take it anymore, wordlessly I beg for release.  Grunting and panting, I hold on.  “Please, John, Please!”

One, two, three, a dozen or a hundred hard and fast pumps, I can’t hold back any longer, and he knows it.

“Now Honey, cum hard for me.”

And there, I cum crying and panting, my body clenching around him over and over again.  “Good girl, such a good girl!  Keep going, don’t stop cumming for me Honey.”

“John, oh God John!  It feels so fucking good! Please, I don’t want to stop yet.”

“Then don’t.”

He’s pumping hard, and I feel his body begin to tense.  I can tell, he’s going to cum very soon.

“Take it, Honey, that’s right, just take it.”

God this feels so amazing.   He’s going to cum inside me, oh I love this!

A few more strokes, and I’m coming down, and his seed fills me, and he stills.

He pulls out of me, and I don’t move.  He moves my panties back where they belong, and pulls my skirt down.

“You are not to clean up.  You will go to work exactly as you are right now, wet panties and all.  Fix your hair, put your face on and get moving.”

“Yes John!”  So, I get up and get moving, and head to work.   What a great start to a Monday!  It makes my day so much better when I start it in such a good way.  Cumming for John always puts a smile on my face and a spring in my step. I can feel his cum soaking my panties, and I know it’s going to be a busy day filled with meeting after meeting.

Introductions First

Ok…here we go! I am going to start at the beginning. A friend told me I needed to start a secret blog so I could share all my experiences and stories with people who would appreciate them, so here we go!

I met my husband almost 20 years ago, back before Google existed. We met on line, and hit it off. We’ve been together ever since. He was the first man I was ever with, and I love him very very much.

Several years after we were married I had my first lesbian experience, and it was incredible! My husband did not participate, nor was he involved in the action, but he was in the room watching, and I wanted more. For several years, we carried on as a “normal” couple, only having sex with each other, nobody else. We fantasized about it nearly constantly, but never had another experience. I was content, or so I thought.
Little did I know that he had been asking almost every woman I was friends with, and even some that I wasn’t, if they wanted to have sex with me. I never really took it seriously, until…

One of my friends said YES! Not only did she say yes, but she was really into me. Apparently had been crushing on me for a while. She thought I was sexy, and she wanted to get into my panties! She was even into having sex with my husband. Something I wasn’t sure I was down with, until I started watching threesome porno. It was like all of the sudden, everything I had been keeping hidden within myself was unleashed. Once I agreed to this proposition, I was insatiable. I couldn’t get enough of my husband, and I couldn’t stop thinking about how good it was going to feel to have her lips and tongue on me. I was so excited about this experience, that I couldn’t stand it!

The first time I had had sex with a woman, I was floundering and only did what I thought she might maybe like, but wasn’t really sure. We were both drunk, and we were so young! Don’t get me wrong, that’s where I learned that I loved pussy, but since I was the one doing all the work, I never really knew HOW much I liked having sex with another woman. This most recent experience was different.