Honey, John & Greg

For a very long time, like most women I’m sure, I have had the fantasy of being shared by two men.  Much like men fantasize about having two women paying all of their attention to them, I’ve wanted two men to please me too!

John finally arranged for that to happen!  Our friend Greg is single, younger than us, and totally hot.  He’s taller and thinner than John, black hair, brown eyes, a body to die for, and he’s totally down to fuck another man’s wife with him.

How did I get so lucky?  YUM!!


So Friday night, all the kids are camping, and John is supposed to be with them.  Little did I know  he was sneaking home with Greg to surprise me with this treat!

Home alone for once; I do what any woman would do.   I watch obscene amounts of porn, mostly MMF, because I’ve been fantasizing about it so much recently, but I still love my FFM porn the best.  (Sharing a cock is just SO MUCH FUN!!!)


When John walked in the front door, I was completely shocked!  I was supposed to have the evening to myself, and of course I was naked on the couch, which can be seen from the front door.  Legs spread, pussy soaked, fingering myself and almost on the edge of cumming.  I shrieked when I saw him, but he just growled a little, “Good girl!  You know I like my pussy nice and wet for me Honey.”

“John!  You’re home early!  Yay!  I always cum so much more with you than I do alone, I’m glad you’re here.  I need some cock so I can cum properly.”

“Honey, you have no idea what is in store for you tonight.”

As he steps through the door, Greg follows right behind him.  Again, I shriek, trying to cover myself, but there’s no way.  I left all my clothes upstairs and have been walking around the house naked all evening.  Enjoying that feeling.

“Put your hands down, come over here, and stand up straight Honey.  Greg wants to inspect you before he fucks you.”

Walking to the middle of my living room, I stand still, straight and slightly shaking as Greg walks around me in a circle.  My nipples harden as he eyes my breasts, and the wetness that was between my legs before increases as he brushes my hair out of my face.

“Lovely.”  He says.  John stands there with a grin on his face, his eyes dark, watching my reactions.  He knows how much I’ve wanted two men, and I’ve mentioned Greg being part of my fantasy more than once.

Apparently, one night a few weeks ago while out together, they got on the subject of blow jobs, and Greg being single, hasn’t had one in a while.  So John volunteered me.  Greg didn’t think that he was serious, so tonight when they were again joking around about Greg’s lack of a mouth to fuck; John put him in the car and drove to our house.  Explaining to him that not only would I suck his cock, but he could fuck me, and if he was open to it, they could both fuck me at the same time.

Greg expressed his agreement by telling John that he’d wanted to fuck me since he met me.  “I’m so jealous you get those pretty blue eyes staring up at you while she sucks your cock.  Don’t even get me started on those tits, man.  How can you let her leave the house in those tight t-shirts!  You sure she’s going to be down for this tonight?  No warning or anything?”

John informed Greg that I was always ready for cock, or pussy, or anything really.  He explained to him a little bit about our life and marriage on the way to our house.  And Greg agreed that he would like to join in, but that he tended to like things a little bit rougher than what John might be used to.

“Nah, you fuck her how you want to.  She’s been dying to try this, she loves to be spanked, and if you grab her hair and make her choke on your cock, her whole body reacts to the pleasure she feels.  I think it’ll be alright, and she’ll tell you if she doesn’t like something.”

So, standing in my living room, my husband watching, our friend circling me, barely touching me, I’m practically cumming just from the anticipation.  Both men are fully clothed, and I’m totally naked and exposed.  Greg behind me now, places a hand on my shoulder, steps close and whispers something in my ear that I can’t understand because his other hand has just run up the inside of my thigh where my anticipation is making it’s way down my legs.

Holy Hotness!

His chuckle brings me around.  “What?”  I ask, breathy and shaky.

“Never mind Honey, your body spoke for you.”

I’m told by John to get on my knees, and to be comfortable about it because I’ll be that way for a while.  My insides clench, and I get the pillows that will cushion my knees.  The men are removing their clothes, and I just can’t think straight.

John is on my left, and Greg is in front of me.  I’m eye level with their hard cocks, and fuck, I’m going to be sore tomorrow!

John’s cock is at full attention, beautiful and perfect.  Greg is standing at attention too, almost the same length, but slightly thicker than John.  I’ll be sore, but damn, it’ll be totally worth it.

“Look at me Honey.”  Greg says, taking his cock in hand.  “Open your mouth for me, and do not take your beautiful eyes off me while my cock is in your pretty little mouth.”

Oh Fuck!  Two of them telling me what to do, how is that going to work?  I feel another drip make it’s way down my thigh, and realize, I don’t care.  My mouth open, my eyes on him, I just give into it, and do what I’m told.

“Good girl.  Now get ready, because I haven’t had a mouth on my cock for a while, and I plan on fucking your mouth until I want to stop.  Grab John if you need me to stop.  Now, open your mouth so I can fuck it.”

I nod, and open my mouth, stick out my tongue, eager to have him shove his cock in my mouth.  John inches closer, leans down and whispers in my ear, “I like watching you like this Honey.  I can see how wet you are, enjoying yourself so much, you’re beginning to drip onto the pillows.  Spread your knees a little wider for me, I need to touch you.”

Johns fingers in my pussy, Greg’s cock in my mouth…PARADISE!

Greg has so far been very gentle, but as I start to close my eyes, really enjoying the sensations, he pulls my hair with one hand, and with the other grips my chin, hard.  “Keep your eyes open.  I don’t care what he’s doing to your pussy, I want to see your eyes.  You got it?”  He rams himself harder and harder into my mouth, fucking my throat really.

This is harder than it seems, there’s drool running down my chin, and my eyes are watering.  He’s pounding my throat, every thrust held as he pushes my head closer to him.  John’s fingers are mercilessly working my pussy, occasionally working to my clit to pinch and rub it.  “That’s my good girl, you want to cum for us, don’t you?”  I can’t even answer because Greg’s cock is so far down my throat I can’t breathe.

I hear myself moaning around his cock, my pussy clenching, so close to cumming I can’t stand it.  My mind a blank, I feel everything happening, but the pleasure is so great I just enjoy it.

Greg’s cock stills, John’s fingers pull away and Greg tells me, “Very nice.  You did good for me Honey.  But I don’t want to cum down your throat.  I want to feel that soaking wet pussy cum all over my cock, now.”

“That’s my Good Girl, Honey.  Cum on his cock, and then we can do some of the things you’ve wanted to try.”  John tells me as he puts his cock in my mouth.  Holy fuck!  Just a few strokes is all he gives me, and after the face fuck that Greg gave me, I’m grateful.

Greg lies down, and tells me to climb on top.  I position myself so I can, John again standing next to me.  I’ve convinced myself that his thickness won’t be too much different than Johns, but he stretches me a bit.  Thank God I’m soaked, or this would hurt!  Greg moans his pleasure, “God woman, your pussy is tight!  But so wet…”  I hear John tell him, “I told you it was amazing.”

(Thank God I use my balls everyday.  Keeping my muscles in shape allows me to cum harder and more frequently.)

I get all of Greg inside me, and John groans, “Fuck, ride his cock Honey.  Cum for us, I want to watch you please yourself with him.”

And I’m off.  Rocking back and rolling my hips, every bit of his cock hits those same right spots, but the stretch is an additional pleasure I wasn’t ready for.  Such a short time, and I’m cumming for them both, I reach down with my hands to stead myself, but Greg pulls them behind my back, and grunts.  “Keep still Honey.  I want to enjoy this.”

Fuck, I’m cumming and cumming hard.  I’m shut off, and whimpering as I cum for them both.  “That’s right Honey, Good Girl.”  I hear John tell me as I feel his hands on my nipples, pinching and rolling them to heighten my pleasure.  As if it could get any better, but it does.  A little push over another little edge, and I’m lost in the sensations.

I feel Greg’s cock pull out of my pussy, only to be replaced by Johns, but only for a few thrusts.  The men have me lying on Greg, face down, ass up, ready for more in just a second.  Greg’s cock inside me again, and I whimper.  I know what’s coming next.

I feel John behind me, and I hear him say “Relax, Honey, just take it like a Good Slut, and you’ll enjoy it.  You know you will.”  And he’s right.  I hear Greg saying “Get ready, Honey.  You’re going to be full in just a minute.  You will lie as still as you can, and you will take it like the Good Slut you are, and you will cum all over my cock again, but only when John and I tell you to.  Do you understand me?”

“Yes, I understand.  I’ll take it.  I’ll take it.”  I moan, feeling one of each of their hands on my nipples, their pinches different, Greg’s fingers are rougher, the differences evident, but feeling so good.

John’s cock pushes into my ass slowly, and it hurts!  I’m so full already, but they are both there, calming me down.  Greg brushes my hair out of my face, “Sssshhhh, its ok, relax, you will take it.”

John, a hand gripping my shoulder, “Good Girl!” he tells me as he fills me, past the pain and into that place that just feels so good you can’t describe it.  I’m still, and they are moving, the pleasure is intense, different than anything I’ve ever felt before.  That fullness adding a level I had not expected.  There’s a current of pain, but it’s totally masked by the pleasure.

It’s too much, just too much.  My chest is heaving, I’m panting almost in tears.  John and Greg are grunting, I feel the slide of each of them as they move opposite of the other.  I’m twitching, my body about to betray me, and they stop, just for a moment.  I breathe, I’m on fire, and my whole body is about to explode.

“Not yet, Honey.  Just hold back a minute.”  I hear one of them say.  I’m lost again, floating.

They begin fucking me again, and I hold back, it takes everything I have to hold back but I do it.  I want to cum so badly, I’m incoherently begging them both.  “please, please, please, please…”  I’m going to cum whether they allow me to or not, when I hear them say together, “Now, Cum NOW Honey.”

I’m cumming hard for them again, enjoying the feelings.  I feel John gather my hair and pull my head to face him as best I can behind me, “Enjoying yourself, Honey?”

“Oh, yes John!  Thank you so much!”

I feel him slip out of me, and Greg moves me off of him.

“Back up on your knees Honey”, John tells me.  “Neither of us has cum yet, but we want to show you our appreciation for being such a good slut tonight.”

My body is weak and my legs feel like jelly, but I’m back on my knees for them.  I watch them jacking their cocks, so close to me and I know what’s happening.  I’m rewarded for doing such a good job by getting painted with their loads.  “Open your mouth, we will try and aim.” Greg tells me.  Of course I open wide, ready to accept my rewards, but rather than finding my mouth, my face ends up covered with their cum, but luckily some makes its way into my mouth, and I enjoy knowing that I’ve made two gorgeous men cum as I taste them mixed on my tongue.

“Come on Greg, let’s get back.  We’ll be missed if we don’t come back with pizza eventually.”

John and Greg get dressed, leaving me kneeling on the floor.  Greg comes over to me, leans down and kisses the top of my head, “Thanks Honey.  Next time John and I will plan this, and I’m going to show you some things I think you’ll enjoy.”

John comes to me, kisses the top of my head, “I love you Honey.  We will plan this next time, like Greg said.  I know how much you enjoyed yourself.  Watching you cum for him was amazing.  Next time will be even more fun because we will have more time.  Get some good sleep tonight, when I come home I’m going to fuck you again.”


Exhausted I clean up the living room and myself.  The whole time thinking how amazing John is, and how lucky we are to have such amazing friends, our lives are full of good things, and I go to sleep feeling the aches of the evening’s events, and excited to know we added one more friend to our expanding list of “play time friends”.

Variety is the spice of life, hahah!