John Gets a Little Rough with Honey

So, this past Tuesday, we find ourselves heading to bed relatively early.  At about 10:30 pm, nightgown on, crawl under covers, and lay back looking for sleep.  John’s hand pulls my legs open, and starts rubbing my pussy, and says, “You have on too many layers.”  But he just keeps gently rubbing me through my blue satin panties, just enough pressure to make me want to start rocking my hips in time to his movements.  But, I keep still.  He keeps up this delicious rubbing, until he feels me getting the panties wet.  Then, he stops, moves his hand to the waistband of my panties, and starts sliding them down.

Once removed, he does not go back to touching me, but instead tells me, “Flip around.”

Confused, I start to roll on my side, to offer him access from behind me, and he swats my ass playfully, and tells me, “No!  Your mouth needs to be on my cock, and I’m going to play with your pussy.”

Um, ok.  John doesn’t usually tell me what to do this specifically, but I’m totally digging it, so I arrange myself so my mouth is level with his cock, and he takes and puts my left leg over his shoulder to give him better access to my pussy.

“Now, put my cock in your mouth, and please me.”  Oh. My. Goodness.

The one thing that pleases John is a wet pussy, and with his fingers slowly rubbing my already wet slit, I know he’s enjoying himself.

“What do I like?”  He prompts me.

“Wet Pussy”, I promptly reply.

SMACK!  Right in the middle of my left cheek.

“What else?”  he prompts again.

“For your cock to be wet!”, I stammer out.

“Good girl.”  He responds, rubbing where he just spanked, and moving back to rub my pussy again.

He keeps up an inconstant rhythm, keeping me quivering, the whole time never even getting close to inserting a finger inside me, and it’s driving me crazy.

I slack a little on my duties because my legs are twitching, and I keep moving my hips, trying to get him to slide at least a finger inside me, and twice more, hard and fast, SMACK SMACK!

Reminding me to keep up with his cock in my mouth, I begin to try and take as much of his cock into my mouth and throat as I can.  And, I briefly succeed, gagging on him.

His groan of pleasure is enough to make my pussy even wetter, and he responds to that increased wetness with a hard circular rub around my clit, my hips bucking, and I pull back again.


“Did I tell you that you could stop?  Don’t fucking take my cock out of your mouth again, Do you understand?  You are going to suck my cock until your fucking tongue is numb.  Got it?”

“Yes, Sir.”

Oh, my fucking God!  He’s enjoying this way more than I’ve ever seen before.   Regardless, I’m going to enjoy everything as much as I can, because, why shouldn’t I?  It feels amazing, and I like when he tells me what to do.

Another smack, a growl, and a rub…fuck, he’s hardly touching me.  I try harder to get all of him down my throat, he removes his hands from my pussy, and places both of them on my head, gripping my hair, tight, pushing me onto his cock, forcing himself down my throat, I’m gagging, can’t breathe, and my eyes are watering.

“That’s right, take it all.  That’s how you suck my cock, understand?”

And, I cum as he releases me to breathe.  His fingers have still not been inside me, and I feel him begin touching me again, tortuously slowly, and I begin to pull away from his cock again, about to beg him to at least put a finger inside me, and his hand is back on my head.

“I did not tell you to stop pleasing my cock, did I?”

One hand moves away, and spanks me again, hard.  I redouble my efforts, taking him down my throat again.  God, I can’t stand it, I need him inside me…

My pussy clenches, and my whole body tenses, and he tells me, “Cum again, right now for me, and tell me what you want.”

It’s all I needed, I’m cumming again, harder than before, his cock down my throat, his moan of pleasure eliciting responses from my body I was not expecting.  I can’t believe how fucking hot this is…

I can’t talk, I just shake with pleasure, my body giving him what he wants from me.  I can’t respond, I can’t tell him what I want, because I don’t even know right this second.

“You want all 5 fingers again, don’t you?”  A few nights previously, he got most of his fist in my soaking wet pussy, and I couldn’t believe how good it felt.

“Yes, Sir.  I do, please…”

“Show me how you please yourself with my cock by cumming once more for me, and I’ll give you what you want.”


Shakily, I move to straddle him, giving him the best view I can.  My hands on his ankles, I FINALLY take his hard cock inside me.  God, it feels so fucking good, I can’t stand it.  I begin to rock slowly, my clit rubbing against his balls, beginning the torture again.  I still, lean forward, enjoy the feeling of him inside me, and he spanks me, HARD again.

“You need to cum for me again.  Soon.”

“Yes, Sir.”  Holy shit…I can’t believe how good this feels.

I push back up, rocking my hips, and enjoying how good he feels.  I can feel it, I need to cum again, and I tell him, “John, I need to cum again…”

“Then give me what I like, and make my cock all wet, cum for me Honey.”

And again, that’s all it takes, I cum for John again, hard and shaking.   He pulls his cock out of me, and starts putting his fingers in.

Holy fuck…it hurts, but that line between what feels good and hurts is so blurred I can’t tell the difference.  I push back against his hand, trying to get more inside me, and that’s it…I just put my face down on the mattress, close my eyes and enjoy the feeling of Johns hand in my pussy.

He’s talking the whole time, but I can’t understand what he’s saying, I’m all sensation at this point, and I feel a finger begin to rub closer and closer to my asshole.  Fuck.  He’s pushing inside me, and my pussy is so full, my whole body is on fire right now, and I just fucking cum again…

“What a good girl you are tonight Honey.  That’s it baby, cum for me some more…mmmm, feels good doesn’t it?”

Just when I think it’s over, I feel his hand pulling from me, but it’s quickly replaced by his cock.  He grabs my hips, and begins pumping into me, fast and hard, and I am still cumming, and then John is right there with me, filling me with his seed.

Damn…I love Tuesdays!